Bloom partners with Okcoin to provide crypto experience to members

Local tech startup Bloom has partnered with global cryptocurrency exchanges with which Okcoin to provide a cryptographic and gamified retail experience to Bloom members. Okcoin will offer free account opening services to Bloom members, allowing them to easily withdraw their earned cryptocurrencies. After withdrawing their cryptocurrency from Bloom to their Okcoin account, members have the opportunity to continue growing their funds with Okcoin’s Earn product, which allows cryptocurrency holders to earn high returns on many different assets.


The move aims to help Bloom become the Hong Kong grocery app that supports cryptocurrency discounts for any Visa card transaction in the city, marking a major step forward in a spending landscape dominated by discounts, cash and reward points. according to the press release. The app allows Bloom members to get spending discounts in the form of cryptocurrency, where they can log into the Bloom app and convert their Bloom Coins earned from any spend with a linked Visa card into cryptocurrencies based on the latest prices.


Currently supporting more than ten popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin, the Bloom app integrates real-time data through an application programming interface (API) to help members stay at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry. . Additionally, the app allows Bloom members to withdraw cryptocurrencies to designated crypto wallets or convert them to Bloom Coins for in-app redemption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), e-vouchers and coupons. and members can choose their favorite. way to keep free rewards.

Bloom Founding Member Eddie Rong said, “We are thrilled to partner with Okcoin to create more value for Bloom members. With the growing awareness of cryptocurrencies in Hong Kong, although the cryptocurrency market has recently been volatile, we seek to create a beginner platform as well as a shopping experience, allowing members to save cryptocurrencies and make purchases at the same time.

Justin Chan, a founding member of Bloom, added: “We believe this has helped democratize cryptocurrencies and pave the way for them to play a more important role in the financial system. As the fifth wave of the pandemic weighed on the local retail sector. , we will respond to the economic recovery with this Bloom app breakthrough in partnership with payment, retail and restaurant partners.

Khairi Azmi, managing director of Okcoin (Asia), said: “We are proud to partner with Bloom to make cryptocurrencies a complete part of people’s daily lives. In order for cryptocurrency to become mainstream around the world, we need a payment technology that ordinary people want to use. The combination of Bloom’s rewards program and an easy-to-use spending product gives new and existing cryptocurrency users an ideal way to interact with digital assets on a daily basis and we’re happy to help make that possible.

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