Cinema accessories: this young shoot who wants to authenticate stellar objects thanks to NFTs

Sent on July 26, 2022, 10:00 am

Shot down, sold: $ 2.3 million. This miniature spacecraft flew at the price of gold last June, during an auction held in Los Angeles. And for good reason, this is no ordinary toy: the object is a model of an X-Wing used in the 1976 filming of the Star Wars movie A New Hope. An almost unique piece – most of these copies were broken on the set – and which fascinates fans of the saga.

The volleyball named Wilson from Alone in the World (2000), which sold for $ 187,500, or the Indiana Jones traveler’s hat, which went for $ 300,000, have also been auctioned in recent years. At the origin of these unprecedented transactions, the American auction house Prop Store, a big name in the auctions of accessories for shooting. Several hundred collectors of ordinary objects are entrusted to her, which have become singular for their mere presence in front of the cameras and which then fall into what the auctioneers call “memorabilia”: they become famous thanks to their identification with a film or series.

Individual attics

The collections are most often put on the market by furniture rental companies, which, thanks to their records, guarantee the origin of the object. Sometimes, however, some resurface from the attics of individuals and are therefore difficult to certify. “The possibilities for counterfeiting are considerable,” explains Alexandre Millon, auctioneer. “In the art market there are committees that analyze the work and tell you whether it is authentic or not, but for these pop culture objects we can only rely on its provenance. It’s a real challenge, an inquisition with the owner. “

Make way for NFTs

To ease this arduous task and reassure buyers, a Val-d’Oise company wants to position itself above sales. During the production of an object dedicated to a shooting, its use, or when it has been authenticated with certainty, NFT4ALL wishes to propose to the owner to affix a tamper-proof sticker that certifies its origin. “These are small, very thin chips on which we will be able to record information and read it on the phone using NFC technology (Near Fear Communication, a technology for exchanging data over a short distance between a reader and a terminal, ed) explains Angel Nguyen Van Ho, one of the co-founders of NFT4ALL.

Thanks to this certification, the company intends to allow collectors to do without a trusted third party, but also to offer unprecedented visibility to these products, thanks to the Internet. The chips should indeed be accompanied by the creation of a digital ownership certificate: an NFT. “The goal is to create links between physical objects and the blockchain to put them on the market, to promote them” explains Frédéric Jonchet, co-founder.

Auctions supporter or detractor

To this concept, which could simplify the authentication procedures for auctioneers, Alexandre Millon looks with caution: “What if this company makes a mistake and registers a fake? The blockchain, we will not achieve it. Despite this risk, the professional notes a certain coherence between the auctioning of pop culture objects and NFTs. “We produce an object whose value is proportional to the consumption made of it: the greater the notoriety, the more the desire to own it increases and therefore its value. “

At a time when art auctions are seeing their popularity dwindle, an online community would therefore agree on the trading value of Harry Potter’s wand or Harry Potter’s white robe, Marilyn Monroe. “It seems that the desire for worship replaces the need for culture,” concluded Alexandre Millon.

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