Lunar flight thanks to the Metaverse

Demystifying the metaverse and all the technologies that revolve around it to show its future daily use.

On July 12, 2022, the world discovered the deepest image ever taken of our Universe, from the James Webb telescope or the time machine. We have just experienced “a historic day”, greeted Joe Biden, President of the United States of America. This phrase, uttered a few days before the anniversary of man’s first steps on the Moon, still resonates like a technological feat of Man: an instant image 13 billion light years away!

Lunar Conquest: A Giant’s Voucher

To achieve the feat of the Apollo 11 crew, science had to push its limits. A technical and technological enterprise whose benefits are still visible today, especially in our daily professional life with audio and video conferencing. Indeed, communication technologies have played and still play a central role in each of the space missions. On Earth, the latter have demonstrated their indispensability to interact with each other and continue to maintain operational activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Take for example the ANC technology developed during the 11th Apollo mission, Neil Armstrong’s Plantronics microphone included noise canceling capabilities, to ensure the clearest possible communication, which has now become essential in remote meetings.

Man will go even further in this technological achievement. It is necessary to understand these great advances. Indeed, the Apollo missions seemed inaccessible to us. Finally, he has never been so close …

Telecommunications, haptic and metaverse technologies

The conquest of space, in addition to improving our daily life, allows us to dream. The problem with sending humans is that we cannot leave them there ad vitam aeternam. This is all the difficulty of space tourism: the cost. However, the acceleration of technological innovations in AR / VR (augmented reality / virtual reality), haptic and telecommunication technologies, which form the metaverse, will give unique sensations close to reality and make people travel from home. The goal is no longer to show events to people, but to bring them to life.

The metaverse, this concept on everyone’s lips in 2022, is more than ever at the center of the projects of the digital giants. The boundary between real and virtual is gradually being erased, perhaps one day disappearing altogether to create a global virtual reality system, accessible through human-centered communication tools.

Telecommunications and haptic technologies are increasingly entering the metaverse to give life to this virtual universe and form interoperability between solutions and applications. We are entering an innovative and positive era, in which we could, for example, imagine virtual lessons in the cosmos or in the universe to make it more concrete: videoconferencing in some educational institutions already allows us to communicate with the ISS, which would allow us to go even further.

It is therefore necessary to demystify the metaverse and all the technologies that revolve around it to show a healthy and intelligent use, unlike its incessant media coverage at the box office …

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