Minecraft: Mojang takes a stand on NFT and blockchain

Game news Minecraft: Mojang takes a stand on NFT and blockchain

Mojang released a statement, making a decision on NFT and blockchain in Minecraft.

While publishers and developers all have to take a stand on NFTs lately, Mojang also participated in this sector. In a press release, Mojang clearly clarifies his opinion on these new technologies and their possibilities integration into Minecraft.

NFT and blockchain are “incompatible with the joy and fun of gaming”

In a press release published on its official websiteMinecraft says clearly “no” to NFTs and the various technologies related to the blockchain.

Recently, Mojang received feedback from community members requesting it clarification and transparency regarding the position of Mojang Studios and Minecraft on NFT and blockchain.

While they are updating the Minecraft Usage Guidelines to offer more specific guidance on new technologies, they wanted to take this opportunity to they share their opinion that NFT integrations with Minecraft are not something they will support or allow. (…)

Some companies have recently launched NFT implementations associated with Minecraft maps and skins. Other examples of how NFT and blockchain could be used with Minecraft include creation of Minecraft NFT to collectallowing players to earn NFTs through server activities, or to earn rewards Minecraft NFTs for out-of-game activities.

Each of these uses of NFT and other blockchain technologies creates a digital ownership based on scarcity and exclusionWhat it doesn’t does not align with Minecraft values creative inclusion and joint play. NFTs are not inclusive for the whole community and create a scenario between who has and who does not. The speculative pricing and investment mentality surrounding NFTs distract attention from the game e encourage profitwhich according to Mojang is incompatible with the joy and enjoyment of the game long-term players.

They also fear that some Third party NFTs are not trustworthy and end up costing the players who buy them. Some third-party NFT implementations are also completely dependent on blockchain technology and may require an asset manager who may disappear without warning. That also happened NFTs are sold at artificially or fraudulently inflated prices. They recognize that in-game creation has intrinsic value and strive to provide a marketplace where those values ​​can be recognized.

So, to ensure a safe and inclusive experience for Minecraft players, Blockchain technologies cannot be integrated into Minecraft client and server applications nor can they be used for create NFTs associated with any game contentincluding worlds, skins or other mods.

A decision to protect the players?

You will have understood in this excerpt, Mojang does not count do not invest in blockchain-related technologies. First of all because the community aspect of Minecraft would be, according to the study, contrary to the principle of scarcity and exclusion of NFTs, as well as its focus on creative inclusion. Mojang also highlights the risks of abuse : speculation and financial investment, the systematic pursuit of profit … The primordial risk derives above all from reliability – or the lack of reliability – of some blockchain players. Mojang wants “protect” its players from these technologiesso we guess we won’t be seeing official NFTs in Minecraft anytime soon.

Source: Minecraft France

Mojang does not plan to add NFT and blockchain-related technologies to Minecraft.

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