Prioritize Security in the Middle of Cryptocurrency Winter – This startup raises $ 90 million

Security is priceless – The company of Halborn safety manages to get up $ 90 million largely freeing itself from the temperature of the cryptocurrency markets.

$ 90 million raised in the middle of the bear market

“The price of cryptocurrencies has nothing to do with our business”, highlighted the 3-year-old CEO of the startup, Rob Behnke. His company can therefore afford to ask for financial support from investors. However, the cryptocurrency winter seems far from over.

In a tweet dated July 19, the Miami-based blockchain security firm, Halbornannounced Lhe got up $ 90 millionin a Series A funding round led by private equity firm Summit Partners.

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Growth in demand despite a sluggish market

The bears pass, but the pirates remain, and “What really matters is that the whole sector is growing”Rob Behnke says.

Summit Partner CEO, Matthew Hamilton, supports these claims. With a still young cryptocurrency industry, he predicts a increased demand for security services.

And as Summit first invests in blockchain through Halborn, Matthew Hamilton not only plays the classic optimistic view in this kind of context, but goes so far as to mention theone of the advantages of the current bear market, which would allow it “A necessary separation between good and bad ideas”.

Halborn: customers inside and outside the industry

“We kept it for almost a year until it was repaired”. To demonstrate the experience of Halborn, its co-founder, Steve Walbroehldevote a few words to fault in the wallet MetaMaskidentified by the startup and revealed in June of this year.

Unsurprisingly, Halborn partners with well-known crypto companies such as Coinbase, Solana (SOL) and Ava Labs. These must strengthen their shields against hacker attacks.

But the company also provides training on best practices in use e protect digital assets to giants who are not not directly related to industry, such as Amazon, BNY Mellon and Nike. The startup also provides advisory services to venture capitalists and wealth managers.

The winter of cryptocurrencies has not cooled down the ardor of the pirates. Fortunately, he hasn’t frozen investors’ portfolios. At least those who have understood the structural importance of security for web protocols 3.

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