Roblox’s famous “oof” sound has been removed from the platform due to licensing issues

Having established itself as a massive part of Roblox’s community culture for over a decade, the memorable and fan-favorite “oof” soundtrack has been removed from the platform. In an announcement posted on July 26, 2022 via Twitter, Roblox said the removal took place after a number of licensing issues were brought to the company’s attention. To combat these problems and avoid putting off the inevitable, the sound has been removed and replaced with a new version owned by Roblox.

Despite the beliefs of many players, the “oof” bite is not from Roblox and was instead created for the early 2000s Messiah video game. In this game, players take control of a cherub named Bob who receives a mission from God to visit the Earth, prevent Satan from ruling the world and save all humanity in the process. After seeing the state Earth is in, however, God decides that Bob should abandon the mission and go home, which Bob denies. When he rejects him, a cutscene is shown in which God purposely rejects Bob and makes him land on the moon: this is where the “oof” sound effect is heard.

It wasn’t until 2019 that the use of this audio became problematic for Roblox, when the sound creator, Tommy Tallarico, tweeted “I’m not mad at Roblox and I don’t want them to remove my ‘OOF’ sound. It’s a honor that something I created 20 years ago has become so iconic and part of pop culture. I just need to be fairly rewarded and have never been cheap.

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This problem was apparently fixed almost a year later, albeit in private, and the “oof” sound appeared intact. The solution? A payment of 1 USD or 100 Robux each time a developer wants to use the “oof” sound in their experience. Tallarico also created Roblox sound sets of various values ​​that developers could purchase from his website and use as they pleased. These bundles included a variety of sounds beyond the classic “oof”.

Now, however, in July 2022, the “oof” sound effect has been completely removed from Roblox’s public media database. While this removal may be disappointing, it’s not surprising given the massive audio deletion Roblox completed in March 2022, during which the company deprived millions of user-created sounds in its audio library. Roblox has been able to avoid copyright infringement and licensing problems for nearly two decades; As it continues to present itself as a technologically advanced and serious company, particularly with regards to its involvement in the metaverse, now is the time for a rebranding and independent content review.

At the time of this article’s publication, it is not known whether the current “oof” replacement sound is permanent, but many players hope it is not.

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