Solana Spaces – Opening of the first physical store in New York

Time passes and today’s actors always look a little more like yesterday’s actors … Solana takes a big step into the real world. Although this blockchain is not famous for its decentralization, she has decided to open a physical store in New York. This is a world first for the company, which intends to participate in the democratization of Web3 through its actions, as this decision demonstrates.

For the record, Solana is a high-performance decentralized blockchain launched in 2020. It has become Ethereum’s direct competitor, hence the term “Ethereum killer”. While it facilitates access to decentralized finance (DeFi) and the creation of innovative applications, it has also attracted attention due to its ultra-fast speed and very low costs.

Early rumors on social media, including Twitter, pointed to this the teams behind the protocol were preparing to open a physical store in the United States. It is now confirmed! The information was in fact shared by a new official account called ” Solana spaces. And in his words, it should be open to the public in the extremely near future.

Opening a physical store: Solana’s ambition

The store is located in the Hudson Yards neighborhood of New York. Since the confirmation of its opening, the images are starting to flow and circulate on social networks. At the same time, Solana Spaces jumped at the opportunity to welcome the entire community “into the real world”. And he shared a photograph giving “a first glimpse” of what the store will look like.

Solana’s physical store in Hudson Yards, New York 1/2.
Solana’s physical store in Hudson Yards, NY 2/2.

Reading this article, one can legitimately ask what Solana’s ambition is to open a physical store in the heart of New York. Based on the company’s communication, it seems so the desire to contribute to the democratization of the Web3 and the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and more. To achieve this goal, workshops will be set up to educate novices (but not only!) To these new problems. The goal is to teach the Web3 to more people. The store will also look into the history, construction, and operation of the Solana blockchain.

Solana Spaces explains it this physical base will act as a “cultural center”, or even “embassy” for Solana. In addition, many events will be organized there.

“We will be an event host, stepping stone and provider of the Solana culture, including an entirely new series of merchandising and frequent limited edition collaborations with brands in and out of cryptocurrencies. We will provide you with a wallet and your first NFTs and guide you through your first on-chain transactions “

Solana Spaces statement.

The Solana Spaces team is very excited about their project. And he wants to show everything to the public “in person and tell more about the future. Because there is MUCH more than meets the eye “.

Solana physical store New York

Solana Spaces – The first reviews

Lucky people had the opportunity to visit the store in New York. And the first feedbacks are almost all positive. A user tweets for example:

“I just left Solana Spaces. There are no other words to describe it than “bullish”. The location in New York is mind blowing. Imagine a clothing store with interactive experiences in each exhibition area. “

Twitter user and visitor.

For the time being, however, we must take our problems with patience. The shop was in fact open to visitors only in preview.

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