Crypto: Martin Shkreli wants to cure all diseases in the world with

Could cryptocurrencies improve the health of the whole world? Martin Shkreli wants to experience this through a new project.

When technology and health go hand in hand

Do cryptocurrencies have the power to change the world? Along with the big cryptocurrency CEOs shouting it from the rooftops, that impression continues to spread. Inflation has restored the image of digital currencies, raising the possibility of another economy. It could also be that the health sector benefits.

At least that’s what Martin Shkreli would like. Known for buying the rights to the Retrophin and Daraprim drugs, the price of which had increased by 20 and 55 respectively, the manager did not finish his plans. Despite the scandals that have clouded his existence and a short stay in prison, the latter has decided to embark on a new adventure: treating all the diseases in the world thanks to cryptocurrencies.

In an interview with Milk Road, Martin Shkreli announced his new project. He wants to develop software specially designed for creating drugs. According to Shkreli, the software currently used would be very expensive and would require at least $ 50,000 to obtain. Their use would be limited and expensive, as well as requiring a lot of computing power. The manager therefore proposes an alternative: free crypto-based software.

Entitled Druglike, the software will be powered by a computer network that will support the necessary computing power. Users will be able to benefit from its services by paying with cryptographic tokens. For now, the choice of the token has not yet been announced. It also seems possible that Shkreli will create the piece of him for the occasion.
In any case, according to the creator of this initiative, access to simple and cheap software would allow the development of more drugs and therefore to cure more diseases.

The DeSci, a new ambition for cryptocurrencies?

Martin Shkreli, despite appearances, is not the first to want to combine cryptocurrencies and the healthcare system. The DeSci, contraction of Decentralized science, is gaining more and more ground. Crypto appears more and more interesting in terms of financing while the metaverse is the theater of all the experiments. Last spring a real remote surgery was carried out thanks to the existence of these virtual worlds.

According to the National Law Review, using DeSci would allow more people to access quality care. However, a framework is lacking, particularly when it comes to data retention and resale. The creation of a DeSci lobby could therefore be possible and cancel the beneficial effect of this sector. The future will tell us if Martin Shkreli intends to make cryptocurrencies his new playground again and participate in this phenomenon.


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