Stackchain, the initiative to return Bitcoin to people is booming

Satoshi by satoshi, the bitcoiner makes a fortune – The community has gathered around Bitcoin (BTC) sometimes organizes, in a way that is as spontaneous as it is unexpected, events who becomes viral. Older people might remember the Lightning Network Flashlight (LightningTorch), which – such the Olympic flame – had traveled around the world through almost 300 personalities of the cryptosphere e 56 countries in 2019. A little in the same spirit, here is the Stackchainwhere accumulating satoshi has become a popular game.

From 5 to 160,000 dollars worth of bitcoins in a few days

A bit like Hodlonaut in 2019 with the Torche du Lightning networkhere this time Arizonan Hodl in 2022. This fan of Bitcoinwho calls himself a BTC maximalist, has (unwittingly) launched an initiative aaccumulation of satoshi.

As Cointelegraph specifically reports, it all started with the tweet below from ArizonanHodl, who said he wanted to stop making excuses for save every day precious BTC fragments.

“Even on days when I’m broke like wheat, I keep saving [les satoshis]. Don’t hesitate to join me. “

Twitter account @AriZonanHODL

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Gradually, the Stackchain satoshi became bitcoin

It was enough for Bitcoin fans to join him. They then formed a real “savings chain” of satoshi: the Stackchain. So, dollar after dollar, other Internet users came to report their new coins in the piggy bank.

Party of $ 5 only with the first tweet of ArizonanHodl of 19 July 2022, this Stackchain saved more than 7 bitcoin less than a week later. This is equivalent to approx $ 150,000 at the current price.

“Epic Moment for Stackchain: The money saved by Stackchain exceeds $ 150,000 after 548 additional bitcoin purchases. “

The Stackchain surpasses $ 150,000 in 7 days.
Twitter account @macenymity

here we go The last word at Arizonan Hodl. His Stackchain It will undoubtedly remain in Bitcoin’s memories and history:

“Except [des satoshis] for many reasons. Please. For my well-being. For my future. For my children. To challenge the central authority [des banques et États]. “

Of course, saving in Bitcoin for look for an alternative to the depreciation of fiduciary currencies (dollar, euro, etc.) subject to inflation, that’s fine. But you also need to know Spend his satoshis from time to time, like in Gibraltarwhere the king of cryptocurrencies entered the real economy of small daily purchases, thanks to his Lightning network.

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