The famous LinkedIn founder also wants his share of NFT

NFT is becoming a phenomenon. Big stars, fashion houses, multimedia companies and other big industries launch NFT collections to remain in the annals of the web3. Having an NFT collection to keep up with the times is now on the agenda. the New arrival in this world of virtual collectibles he is a billionaire.

His name is Reid Hoffman and the man and he is one of the founders of LinkedIn. Its NFT collection project is based on the Solana cryptocurrency. He plans to design his NFTs with artificial intelligence according to the announcement made on July 21. The billionaire would follow the same path taken by the creators of the CryptoPunks.

Even if the concept is not exactly new, Reid Hoffman relies on his project. He thinks his NFT series will cause a stir just like the first cryptocurrencies in their day. The project, in fact, starts from a concept still in its infancy. Despite that, his NFT collections really should have hit the public to bear fruit.

Reid Hoffman joins NFTs

Reid Hoffman intends to launch his NFT series by supporting them with Solana (SOL). The NFT collections in question refer to series of images generated by artificial intelligence FROM THE E. Each image is unique and does not contain a copy. However, anyone can copy the image.

Reid Hoffman’s idea would be to tokenize these automatically generated images by DALL E. He also found the good idea of ​​renaming each image by borrowing a foreign word sufficient to translate what DALL E produced. The collections look original elsewhere, too. if they do not appear in the virtual gallery ofeBay.

As for the price of these NFTs, a photo is worth about 12 SOL, which can be more or less than $ 500. If the sales are successful, the project will pay off quickly. In one way or another, the originality of the images and their title seduces the web3 audience.

His collection is virtually generated

Reid Hoffman chose DALL E for the creation of his NFTs due to the ease of creation offered by artificial intelligence. Not only is the process easy, but it allows for a bit of originality. The creation of an image from DALL E consists in giving a word to the artificial intelligence so that it can make the diagram.

This is one of the reasons that prompted the billionaire to provide foreign names in the creation process. Each image could be unique with this technique. On the other hand, the possibilities of copies are not controlled.

Additionally, Hoffman plans to destroy NFTs that haven’t been sold or have been in the closet for too long. This would be one of the ways he must protect his tokenized images of him from counterfeiting.

Reid Hoffman’s project brings something new to NFT technology. It is a project that values ​​both DALL E and the Solana cryptocurrency. This project would also encourage the laity to enter the market, not just for take his share of NFTbut also to launch collections.


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