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The ecosystem is evolving and the blockchain grows and diversifies more every day. If many of them have conquered an undeniable place, you will undoubtedly be seduced by the lightness of the MINA blockchain. Discover the features and usefulness of this new protocol.

MINA protocol, the lightest blockchain in the world?

The creation and scalability of cryptocurrencies leads to the development of many protocols. Indeed, the enthusiasm that is developing around its assets has made it a more than profitable sector that attracts many investors. So, the more time passes, the more we witness the birth of blockchains.

After seeing many of them become famous and others become extinct, MINA is taking its first steps in the cryptocurrency industry. The account Twitter Obito announced on July 27 that he had finally completed his research on the project. But what makes this protocol so different from the others? According to Evan Shapiro, CEO of MINA, the main peculiarity of the latter is its lightness.

Unlike other blockchains that weigh hundreds of GB, this one has a fixed size of 22 KB. But that is not all! The MINA protocol also emphasizes scalability. In fact, block size is no longer an issue thanks to Zk-snarks.

Decentralization and security are also very important criteria for the functioning of a protocol. It is for this reason that the latter has placed particular emphasis on it. The addition of zk-snark makes it a powerhouse that allows its users to act as full nodes. Buterin Vitalik recognized its strong encryption, which makes it a reliable system.

A revolution to facilitate crypto transactions

The cryptocurrency industry requires spontaneity and reliability. The MINA protocol is a level 1 blockchain that above all respects basic consensus. Many protocols have two roles that support their network. Namely, the verifier and the producer of blocks.

On the other hand, MINA is essentially based on a third role, the Snarkers. These are network participants that allow the production of zk-snarks that check and compress strings. Thanks to your consent from Proof-of-Stake Ouroboros modified, the blockchain is immune to blocks and cuts.

To achieve its objectives, the Mina Foundation has surrounded itself with several collaborators. Among others, the Ethereum foundation which makes MINA verifiable on ETH.

This action is mainly due to the fact that the protocol has opted for level 1 superiority rather than level 2 or a side chain. However, now everything seems fine and accessing oracles around the world does not spoil anything.

zkOracles are core to zkApps. These have many advantages that make the MINA protocol unique. Between privacy preservation, off-chain execution and state model and full turing, this blockchain keeps its core idea while providing many benefits to users. The target. the goal? Facilitates and simplifies cryptographic transactions.

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