Madonna loves monkey NFTs, but not at any price!

Money is often too expensive – And apparently the NFT even monkey! This is what the international star told herself, who interrupted a purchase she had planned to make, due to too high a cost.

A collection of star monkeys

Madonna, the world icon of pop music I love NFTsand more particularly those with the monkey head, which are part of the collection Bored monkey.

Proud copy holder 4988leather hooded monkey on orange background trading around 75ET (around $ 130,000), the singer wants to expand her collection.

And to do this, he set his sights on copy 3756, a magnificent (or not) ape with multicolored teeth and psychedelic fur.

Why this in particular? The singer explained this recently.

“I was determined to get an Ape and was very specific about what I wanted: the Ape with a leather motorcycle cap and multicolored teeth. I was told that it was inspired by me, that it was inspired by me, and that it was bought by a woman who is a fan of mine. She would have sold it to me. “


Unfortunately, it could be that this monkey absolutely has nothing to do with the singer. The team of Yuga Labswho is behind this collection reacted to this statement by making it clear that the star had ideas.

“Monkeys aren’t necessarily designed or modeled on anyone in particular. The team of Yuga Labs loves when people see themselves in certain monkeys. The S&M hat is a favorite feature of the founders of the collection, they love everything punk rock. Madonna helped popularize this style, which the founders are fans of. “

Yuga Labs for decryption

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Spend money yes, but not too much anyway!

Even if you are a multimillionaire, a drawing of a monkey the drawing of a monkey remains, and the wallet has its limits!
The famous macaque that caught the singer’s attention is too expensive for her. In fact the seller is asking for more than 800 ETor nearly $ 1,400,000.

BAYC on which Madonna has set her eyes

The reason for this price? The rarity of the creature! Ranked 123rd for rarity, compared to 3754 for the one already owned by the star, this monkey is one of the rarest, and therefore potentially one of the most expensive.

Will the star negotiate the price or will he give up and move on? We will undoubtedly find out soon! With an estimated fortune of almost $ 600 millionMadonna can afford a star whim if she thinks the price will continue to rise in the future.

However, the singer is not just a collector! become herself creative of a series of NFT in which she poses naked and gives life to “creation” in a very sci-fi universe, the star has raised more than 310 ETH for a charity thanks to the sale of 3 of his creations.

Whether or not you are a fan of this collection of monkeys which is traded at prices that are sometimes unimaginable for mere mortals, the fact that stars like the Madonna are interested in it allows us to highlight our ecosystem. Is it done right? This is another debate.

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