Student loan: what are the solutions for underage students?

Our Best Rates colleagues have just given some tips for obtaining a student loan, even as a minor.

Getting a student loan has always been a goal for the youngest of us. However, some may not be aware that it takes an age to qualify for this type of help. And in particular to be of age. But there are solutions for those under the age of 18 and still a minor.

Several possible solutions

But before talking about the possibilities of having a student loan, even as a minor, let’s go back to another point. And above all on the different ways to obtain a loan. However, this applies to all people over the age of 18.

There are several ways to get a student loan. We have also dedicated an article to this topic and we invite you to read it. To better understand how to get it. The criteria to meet and the advice to put your chances on your side.

We can also talk about the state-guaranteed student loan. This has several positive points. It was our colleagues at Boursorama who provided all the necessary information. To better understand how it works.

You should know that this offer, “Unlike loans granted by banks, it does not require any deposit”. The target. the goal? “Simplify the process of obtaining a loan”. Banks have realized that young people often need a hand.

And even more so at the beginning of the school year. With all purchases of school supplies and more. That is why more and more young people are interested in student loans. Done apply for a state-guaranteed student loan and go. For those who are financially independent. But in the absence of resources, to cover all their expenses “.

In addition to being entitled to a certain amount, you may not be aware of an important point. Namely, the fact that you can borrow up to 20,000 euros. Once again, we invite you to read the article that we have dedicated to this topic. To get all the information on this topic.

Student loan: what are the solutions for underage students?

A student loan for underage students

We come now to the most important. And no doubt what made you click on this article. That is, the student loan, even for underage students. These are our Best Rates colleagues who provided all the information about it.

First of all, they remind us that it is normally impossible to apply for a loan when you are not yet of age. However, some banks grant some loans.

But no doubt you will understand, you must have your parents behind you. For instance, Société Générale aims to take out a “classic” consumer credit. on behalf of parents.

Sebastien Kotecki, of LCL, seems to agree.It is then up to the parents and their child to find common ground.. On how to repay the loan “. Explain in particular. Also, at BNP Paribas, there is a special offer for the student loan.

“Parents have the opportunity to do this personally negotiate the student loan. The contract will also be transferred to the son. Once you turn 18. With the same conditions. “. Delphine Guentch-Cahouch explains.

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