The Shiba Inu team announced the upcoming SHIB Burn Visa Card with the slogan “Make payments, burn SHIB”.

The Shiba Inu team announced on July 25 the arrival of the new Visa SHIB Burn card, which burns the SHIB during payments.

The announcement was made via Twitter account tracking burns by Shiba Inu, @shibburn. The three-second video of the ad showed only an orange Visa card with Sai Baba’s initials, along with the slogan “Make payments, burn SHIB.

Burn the SHIB

In April 2022, Shiba Inu and Ryoshi Vision collaborated to create the Shiba Inu burning portal. This portal aims to motivate SHIB holders to burn tokens. Burners are expected to earn RYOSHI tokens and 0.49% of all trades in return.

However, the distribution of the rewards has been extremely slow. Although SHIB holders burned about $ 110 million worth of SHIB in just 24 hours, they have grown impatient for the RYOSHI reward.

The Shiba Inu team also noticed this frustration. The team posted on Shiba’s official blog and said:

“What is evident is the continuing failure to deliver such workflows based exactly on the platform promise. The smoothness of the reward is underperforming. “

The Shiba team also added that they contacted Ryoshi Vision regarding the delay, saying:

“The form of trust in our community is of the utmost importance to the team.”

However, no changes have been made to the award distribution process. Visa SHIB card aims to improve the burning process without being tied to the Ryoshi team.

The future of the Shiba Inu

A recent poll found that 73% of attendees see the Shiba Inu ending by 2030, while 30% believe the piece won’t arrive by the end of the year. Prominent figures say the current bear market will shed coins like “joke“And give way to a”true innovation“.

In response to that, Shiba Inu has made some serious changes. In addition to the new mastering mechanics, the most recent changes concern the metaverse and the Shiba stablecoin.

The SHIB metaverse

The Shiba team announced the upcoming Shiba Metaverse in February 2022, saying they have followed the growth of the Metaverse and believe in its future.

The team said they explored various ideas, including collaborating with metaverse giants like Sandbox and Decentraland. However, it’s certain that Shiba’s metaverse will be a dog-themed reality, complete with purchasable land and Shiba’s NFT.

SHI stablecoin

The SHIBA stablecoin was announced on May 12, 2022, without specifying the date of its launch. However, the team stated that SHIB’s ultimate goal is to become a “stable global currency that favors all countries.

According to the team, SHIB will have a stable price in the end, so it can be used as both a store of value and a payment method.

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