Mercedes-Benz launches on Polygon (MATIC) with the Acentrik blockchain project

The Mercedes-Benz carmaker is turning to Web3 by developing a market dedicated to the marketing of data on Polygon (MATIC). Thanks to blockchain technology, Acentrik will connect professionals capable of providing all types of data, to allow them to improve their know-how.

Mercedes-Benz launches its data market on Polygon

The famous car manufacturer Mercedes Benz launches a blockchain project on polygon, through its Singapore-based subsidiary Daimler South East Asia. This project, called Acentrik, consists of a market, specialized in data exchange.

Acentrik is based on the Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) technology thanks to its fork.

The market sees two types of actors intervene: data providers and the data consumers. The former will then be able to sell the data from which they wish to make a financial profit on Acentrik. For this, these data will be stored on a computer node. You can choose a centralized model such as an Amazon Web Service (AWS S3) server, but also the decentralized variant via the open source IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) protocol.

Data consumers will actually buy non-fungible tokens (NFT) with USDC. Mercedes explains that Polygon’s choice lies in the low cost of its transactions, but also in the fact that the network uses Security of Ethereum (ETH)..

In terms of costs related to the trade of these data, 0.2% will be donated to Ocean Protocol and 15% to Acentrik for its development.

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An economic model focused on professional players

Acentrik is based on a model business to business (B to B). However, although the outlines are not yet clear, the whitepaper mentions a potential decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in the future. However, a possible protocol dedicated token is not not mentioned at the moment.

Specifically, the platform is aimed at any industry that needs a lot of data to establish models. One of the most representative use cases is the autonomous car. To create the most reliable vehicle possible, companies wishing to commit to such a project will need huge amounts of data to analyze. Acentrik therefore acts as an intermediary, to allow those who have this information to enhance them.

Companies could therefore, for example, focus on collecting satellite data for driving and appeal to Acentrik services to put them to use.

The case of trading companies is another type of application. This is reflected in particular for needs consumer behavior analysisdepending on different variables such as age, sex or geographic location.

Mercedes does not rule out implementing its protocol on networks other than Polygon. BNB Chain (BNB), NEAR Protocol (NEAR) or Solana (SOL) are also potential candidates.

Be that as it may, we are here faced with a further example, of an industrial giant that has understood the interest of technologies in our ecosystem for your own development. Therefore, Acentrik aims to become the leader in Web3-style data marketing.

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Source: Acentrik

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