The University of Tokyo is heading for a big step in the metaverse

The University of Tokyo launches an initiative in favor of web3. The university plans to schedule courses on the subject of the metaverse. These courses encourage digital transformation into a safe bet on the Japanese scene. The University of Tokyo, commonly known as Todai, however, believes these metaverse courses will go beyond the borders of Japan.

The share of technologies is very important in Japan. NFT, play to earn games, cryptocurrencies and everything surrounding the blockchain is no longer unknown to the majority. Although the creators of the courses did not mention either cryptocurrencies or NFTs, the programs certainly integrate these two essential components of the metaverse.

The presence of the metaverse in theHigh school education it is a revolution. Despite doubts about the future of cryptocurrencies and the speculative value of NFTs, the metaverse is making its way into higher education. The blockchain and the various elements that make it up are gradually becoming more democratic and we cannot ignore it.

I ran on the metaverse in Todai

Todai University of Tokyo organizes courses on the subject of technology. The courses will take place at the engineering faculties and engineering high schools of Todai. Validation of previous scholarships a certificate not a degree. However, the courses are taught in good and due form and are accessible to anyone interested in the subject.

As far as we know, some courses could take place virtually. The course of these courses is based on augmented reality and virtual reality. The result could be similar to what has been planned so far for thehospital in the metaverse.

The University of Tokyo initiative affects all age groups and all social classes. All levels of knowledge are also influenced by the program. It will involve integrating the metaverse knowledge of the college years and extending the knowledge to the student level. The program aims to be fully inclusive.

Furthermore, the initiators want to encourage women to take an interest in the field.

The place of the metaverse in Japan

The metaverse occupies a place of honor in Japan. It is a meeting place for people who cannot or do not want to leave their homes. The metaverse, for example, has allowed several students in Japan to virtually hold the graduation ceremony.

The metaverse is also used in Japan to help lonely people. These people who do not want to leave their homes are supported by the JACFA group. This support group created the Second Life platform on the metaverse to help those people who are struggling to leave their homes.

In Japan, the metaverse allows a merger between the real world and the virtual world. The integration of this sector into higher education gives more structure to its long-term establishment in the country.


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