Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC achieved its best performance in July in 2022

Bitcoin (BTC) news as of 01/08/2022

This performance was possible thanks in particular to a gain on Saturday, July 30th, which pushed the price of BTC to $ 24,658, the highest peak since June 13th.

While #Bitcoin has lost 65% of its value since its high in November 2021, the popular cryptocurrency recorded its best month in terms of trading since last year in July.

However, August has already started with a new decline and some analysts fear even a new one high volatility prices in the coming weeks. ” August promises to be just as challenging for bitcoin, with more volatility attacks guaranteed “, Assures Antoni Trenchev, co-founder and managing partner of the DeFi Nexo platform.

Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction in the medium term

Between $ 30,000 and $ 20,000, you buy Bitcoin at a relatively low price. The $ 20,000 price would be an important support if Bitcoin drops to this level. The coin can rise by $ 50,000 in the medium term.

Long-term Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction

The most common forecasts among large Bitcoin investors are $ 100,000, $ 250,000, and $ 1 million. There is therefore no doubt that Bitcoin has a promising future. Potential regulation in the United States is welcome among large investors.

Reviews of the Bitcoin project

Bitcoin will keep its domain. This is demonstrated during market declines. Investors are buying Bitcoin at the expense of more volatile altcoins. Therefore, the declines of Bitcoin are relatively moderate compared to those of the altcoins.

What affects the value of Bitcoin (BTC)?

  • The halving: high probability of upside
  • Rumors on cryptocurrency regulation
  • Adoption of cryptocurrencies by a major payment company

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to be released and the first use case for blockchain technology. It can be used to purchase goods and services from merchants who accept it as payment. Bitcoin (BTC) holders can purchase assets and send funds in BTC via a dedicated wallet without a central authority or bank acting as an intermediary.

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Bitcoin is the best-known virtual currency today and its value has increased exponentially since its inception in 2009. Bitcoin developer Satoshi Nakamoto said that Bitcoin’s goal is to be an electronic payment system based on cryptographic evidence rather than on trust of a financial or state authority.

Worth next to nothing in 2009, Bitcoin has grown in popularity over the span of a decade. El Salvador actually has a fiat currency, and several online payment operators have integrated it into their systems under the pressure of demand.

How does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin was created with the idea of ​​a distributed digital ledger called the blockchain. Blockchain is a form of public ledger, which is a digital system for simultaneously recording transactions and related data on multiple servers at the same time.

This decentralized aspect has been revolutionary and in the future it will be a standard for data storage that does not require the trust of a central actor like GAFAM or banks.

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