Four FUTURE & LUXE webinars to see or review this summer.

Jewelery and Watchmaking, Web3, Tech and Supply Chain, Sustainability … Webinar FUTURE AND LUXURY return to the key themes that guide the sector through exclusive round tables and question and answer times with its viewers. A look at the 100% luxury online events of the last few months, to be seen or reviewed in this summer period.

FUTURE & LUXE, Jewelery and special watches.

The 2022 series of FUTUR & LUXE webinars began with an edition dedicated to the world of jewelry and watchmaking. Alongside the brands and fashion houses De Beers, Sotheby’s, Cartier, Breitling and Catchpoint, this meeting focused in particular on a precise description of the new tribes of consumers. “Daring heirs”, “Young self-made-man millionaires”, “Woke snobiety” or even “Shanghaikers”, these profiles have a common denominator: a strong attraction for digital. Digital expectations well aware of the players in the sector who are working to evolve in this movement by highlighting their historical heritage.

To (re) discover the future of premium jewelry and watchmaking, the webinar is available for free below.

FUTURE & LUXE, Special Luxury, NFT & Metaverse: value at the heart of Web3.

If the resilience of the jewelry and watch industry has gone through digital, the webinar dedicated to Web3 initiatives was an opportunity to review the fundamentals and perspectives related in particular to NFTs and the metaverse. To answer the questions posed by these new tools, nine specialists shared their analyzes. IFOP, Exclusible, Ledger, Garou, Skyboy, The Sandbox, Farfetch, Bird & Bird, POAP … The protagonists of the community discussed the 3.0 strategies of the sector, from crypto retail to blockchain to the capture of communities through the concept of digital property.

luxury web3 special edition

The webinar is available in reruns, accompanied by a special 77-page edition of exclusive reflections and interviews, here.

FUTURE AND LUXURY, special technology and supply chain.

In late May, Centric Software, LVMH / Aura Blockchain Consortium, Richemont, BSR, and Farfetch looked into technology and supply chain issues. At a time when international flows have been disrupted by the health crisis, the supply chain has reinvented itself between omnichannel, data, neo-sourcing and e-commerce. A transformation that could not be established without the aid of solutions with a high technological content, vectors of acceleration and optimization of processes.

If the digital tool also made it possible to review the environmental impact of homes, the webinar also highlighted the importance of the topic of technology on topics such as cyber-protection or recruitment and training.

The full webinar can be viewed below.

FUTURE & LUXURY, special Sustainability.

At the heart of luxury companies, sustainability is now an integral part of all the policies adopted by the sector. As consumers become increasingly engaged, brands are multiplying CSR value projects at all levels of their value chain. Regenerative practices, circular economy and creation, storytelling at the service of transparency, training, new collaborations … Richemont, LVMH, the Les Echos-Le Parisien group, Microsoft France, L’Oréal Luxe and Vestiaire Collective have unveiled their environmental visions here . through a multitude of prisms.

duration of special emissions

As with the theme “Luxe, NFT & Metaverse”, the special Luxe sustainability webinar was the subject of a white paper focused on the thoughts of 35 experts from different backgrounds: Moët Hennessy, Nuxe, Guerlain, La Bouche Rouge … -book, as well as the replay, can be found here.

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