Kim Kardashian won, Instagram won’t turn into TikTok (yet)

After several days of controversy, Instagram backs off. The group forgoes the design change and even announces changes to its algorithm.

When something goes wrong, the best solution is to complain.

A few days after introducing a controversial new design for Instagram, completely modeled on that of TikTok, the retropedal social network. Faced with user dissatisfaction, including stars like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, Instagram announces that the people selected for this test will find the old interface in the next two weeks. Adam Mosseri, the social network boss, explained to The Verge on July 28: “I’m glad we took a risk. If we don’t fail once in a while, we’re not bold enough. “.

This screenshot shows the tested Instagram interface, with full screen posts. // Source: Instagram

Video is the future of Instagram

Why is Instagram ditching its new design so quickly, after saying two days earlier this development was going in the right direction? Adam Mosseri explains not only relying on criticism on social media and media, but above all by analyzing internal data: “People are frustrated and usage data isn’t great”. While it’s common to see users complain when there are design changes, they usually end up getting used to it. For once, Instagram thinks not. “So, I think we need to take a big step back, reorganize and figure out how we want to move forward. »Analyzes his boss.

However, Adam Mosseri holds his position on the future of Instagram. According to him, the short video will replace the photo. Instagram will continue to evolve in this direction but will not copy the TikTok interface.

The algorithm will be revised

Instagram is using its design mea culpa to address other topics, such as algorithmic changes often denounced by its users. Recommended publications, more and more advertisements, content from friends hidden from those of brands … Instagram is no longer the photo sharing application it once was.

First change, Instagram will reduce the number of posts suggested in your news feed, pending review of its recommendation algorithm. “When you find something you haven’t followed before in your feed, you should think it’s great. I don’t think this is happening enough today. So I think we need to go back, reduce the percentage of recommendations, improve and, when possible, start over. “

Create Instagram
The campaign has been broadcast on social networks since the introduction of the new design. // Source: Kylie Jenner

Are these changes good for Instagram? Sure, but they mainly serve to calm users down. Adam Mosseri repeatedly insists on their temporary nature, waiting to find alternatives. Instagram hasn’t finished chasing TiKTok on its land. Fortunately, his Reels are becoming more and more popular.

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