Miami: The American capital of Bitcoin now wants to conquer NFTs

web worshiper 3 – The winter of cryptocurrencies does not reach the devout worshiper of Bitcoin (BTC), Francis Suarez, mayor of Miami. After praising the merits of the king of cryptocurrencies and establishing the criticized in his city – and criticizable MiamiCoin, the web 3 fan mayor doesn’t stop there. In fact, a recent press release announces the launch of the city of Miami 5,000 NFT on ethereum blockchain in collaboration with Time, Mastercard and Salesforthis.

5,000 NFT for Miami

The announcement fell last Thursday via a press release. the Miami Mayor Francis Suarez want to put up for sale, the Ethereum blockchain 5,000 NFT. The first sales are scheduled for December 2022. Time USA, Mastercard and Salesforce will collaborate on the realization of the project.

USA now it will therefore have the function of helping to outline the contours of an NFT strategy for the city. It will therefore also be a question of participating in the execution of the project. On his side, MasterCard will offer exclusive benefits to Miami NFT (private and public events) holders through its “Priceless Miami” project. In the end sales force will guide the NFT sales process through its NFT Cloud platform. Strengthened by this partnership with the main Web 3 players, Francis Suarez declares in the press release:

I am delighted to partner with TIME, Mastercard and Salesforce on this initiative. The city of Miami has been at the forefront of the Web3 revolution. We will continue to use these new technologies to support our existing businesses (…). We can also use this new approach to support local artists and charities ”.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is a bull and bitcoin worshiper

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Two clicks (right) in Miami: Miami artists celebrate

NFTs are designed by 56 artists different from Miami. Each of them represents one of the square miles of the city. In addition to providing an opportunity for artists, NFTs “generate revenue for local businesses and nonprofits through exclusive rewards offerings.” So they allow local artists to do it develop a new media that can be enjoyed.

The Time president also confirmed the local interest in this type of project. In fact, the artistic quality of the city, nicknamed “the magic city”, is evident. Keith Grossman seems enthusiastic about the idea of ​​bringing local talents and businesses to the blockchain:

“We are thrilled to leverage our knowledge and skills to create this program for the big city of Miami, which has already established itself as a leader in web3 innovation, and to make our first not in a new venture for TIME to bring other brands. and organizations successfully and authentically in web3 ″.

The delicate situation experienced by CityCoin project investors it could, however, leave doubts about the launch of this new project. But, in his own way, Francis Suarez participates in the development and adoption of the world of cryptocurrencies still driven by his love for the Web 3.

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