Soon there will be announcements from the App Store home page

After making life difficult for ad publishers, Apple will add more. Sponsored Suggestions will be on the App Store homepage soon.

In a surprise on Friday night, Apple announced on July 29, 2022, via three ultra-specialized media outlets (9to5mac, MacRumors and AppleInsider), that it planned to add new ad spots to the App Store. A surprising announcement, in the sense that the advertisements on the App Store have never been unanimous (first because it doesn’t look like Apple, then because the advice is often bad) and that Apple, in recent months, has instead declared war on the advertising market. Let’s imagine that, by choosing three sites historically favorable to it, Apple purposely tried to avoid criticism.

New announcements on the App Store, where exactly?

In 2016 in the United States, then in 2018 in France, Apple timidly added banner ads to the App Store. Accessible only from the “Search” tab, these locations suggest sponsored content to iPhone and iPad users.

Looking for “Twitter”? It is possible that the software that allows you to log into the social network has paid to appear first (or vice versa, Twitter has often passed small applications this way). This practice has often surprised users, but without detracting from the experience. Economically, we imagine the developers are there as much as Apple.

Ads currently displayed on the App Store, starting August 1, 2022. // Source: Captures Numerama

In the near future, these sponsored apps will land in two new places:

  • On the App Store home page, under the “Today” tab, the second card will offer a sponsored application (with a blue background). If you’ve opted for, Apple will offer you an app that you might like among those who paid for it.
  • When you go to an application page, there will be an advertisement at the bottom of the screen for another application that you may like. However, Apple warns that Facebook will not be able to publicly target the TikTok file. The selection is finer.
App Store announcements from 9 to 5mac
Screenshots provided by Apple at 9to5mac. // Source: 9to5mac

The double talk of Apple advertising

There’s something ironic about this App Store ad addition, as Meta, Snap, and Twitter all complain about the damage Apple has done to their profits by preventing their apps from getting information about their users. Recall that, since April 2021, Apple has been encouraging iPhone and iPad owners to opt out of ad tracking. This option has lost billions of dollars to some of the company’s rivals, who rely on targeted ads.

Of course, it’s important to remember that adding ads to the App Store has little to do with this story. Apple, by default, turns off the display of targeted ads for App Store users (and will continue to do so). App Store ads may bother you if you hate sponsored content, but they don’t violate Apple’s policies.

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