Crypto Gouv: The influencer pockets 4 million euros and disappears!

The YouTubeur Crypto Gouv would have made the trunk with 4 million euros in his pocket. About 300 cryptocurrency investors were duped by this influencer celebrity who followed tutorials on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

He encouraged them to form pools

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard of this type of he cons. You may not be familiar with the concept of a crypto influencer. With the Crypto Gouv case, you will learn a lot more about this fraudulent and punishable practice.

Then, on YouTube, an individual known as “Crypto Gouv” created a community of 4,000 people with whom he shared advice on investing in the cryptosphere. Day after day, he fed his herd of him via Telegram and Discord, with tutorials to best conquer this universe.

This continued until he convinced them to pour money into cryptocurrency trading by the hundreds, if not tens of thousands. They were so seduced by the upcoming earnings that they no longer cared about the integrity of Crypto Gov.

However, on July 9, Crypto Gouv released a video, the latest of these works. Its content contains explanations on cryptocurrencies and the penalty for this type of scam: 5 years in prison. And that’s what he did.

Result: between 3 and 4 million euros stolen and 300 victims.

Crypto Gouv, in the crosshairs of French justice

After discovering the deception, the victims seized the Paris prosecutor’s office to open an investigation into Crypto Gouv. They chose Me Jérémy Asta-Vola, an expert on cyber-scams, as their lawyer.

There is a mass audience that is interested in these practices. Inevitably, some malicious people see it as an opportunity. This type of scam is on the rise “Comments Asta-Vola.

Would he make an analogy to rapper Booba’s war against influencers?

To say that crypto influencers like Crypto Gov make a lot of money in their craft. Last April, we issued a ticket on their rates that can go as high as $ 25,000 for a simple advertising tweet.

But as Master Jérémy Asta-Vola said above, this type of practice is starting to gain ground. The case of Crypto Gouv is therefore not isolated. You may also be more alert, on YouTube or other Discord or Telegram type channels.

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