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N01ZET, the first HR blockchain platform that simplifies the sharing of value between the company and its employees.

The ambition of the French start-up: to democratize access to a single solution for the safe and responsible redistribution of the fruits of growth, intended for companies, to attract and retain their employees and stakeholders.

N01ZET (pronounced “hazelnut”), the new French company with the mission of innovating to bring a new vision of sharing value within companies, announces the launch of its platform with beta testers. Created in 2021, with the desire to generate a social, social and environmental impact, N01ZET is a young fintech that is part of the ethical finance movement. It offers a 100% digital solution to reward company performance, in the form of tokens (digital tokens) whose value is guaranteed. The employee can thus choose to direct his bonuses and bonuses towards consumption, savings or access to capital.

A more social and responsible vision of shared value at the service of VSE / SMEs

In 2022, a small percentage of VSE / SMEs in France will have a value sharing system. Less than 3% of the employees of these companies have access to the company’s capital. In a context where the development of employee savings and employee share ownership is slower in VSE / SMEs, N01ZET wants to democratize these value redistribution mechanisms with a simplified vision and greater ease of access for companies and their stakeholder ecosystem.
To optimize the remuneration of VSE / SME employees, today largely excluded from these systems, N01ZET brings together these solutions within a single platform in order to give access to the greatest number of companies and their employees to tools for sharing value. Thanks to an operational model without intermediaries, optimized and automated, it also allows a reduction in management costs
The goal is to allow employees to better consume or invest their additional remuneration on a set of services made available by the company. The employee is free to allocate these tokens according to their needs.

N01ZET offers employees the possibility to choose between the following schemes:

Direct payment of prizes and bonuses
Employee Savings (N01ZET Plan or Company Savings Plan)
Business Marketplace: CSE (Social and Economic Committee) type advantages with a series of exclusive advantages oriented towards responsible choices.
Access to the share capital

A 100% digital solution that puts the blockchain at the service of sharing value

N01ZET’s solution is based on blockchain technology to “record” the available benefits in the form of token with guaranteed value. Blockchain is leveraged to create a web of trust between business stakeholders.

“We use the web of trust that is the blockchain to simplify these different processes, so that use and usefulness take precedence over the rest. The blockchain is a vector of trust that allows you to build an ecosystem guaranteeing the security and simplicity of transactions. The ambition of N01zet is to combine sharing of value and sharing of values ​​within the company and with its stakeholders “ adds Victor Degbo, founding CEO of N01ZET.

N01ZET offers companies the opportunity to provide services to increase the bond with their employees, inspire them, retain them, allow them to take responsibility for their actions and make sense of work. It encourages employees to participate in their company’s profits, helps build a community of interest within the company, and can be used to power an employee share ownership system.

About N01ZET

N01ZET offers a 100% digital solution to acquire and retain talent through performance awards for the company, its employees and the company’s stakeholders. Supported by the blockchain, the platform protects, simplifies and facilitates human resource and performance management processes in order to build an ecosystem of shared values. N01ZET was founded as a Mission Company. Its raison d’etre is to work for the sharing of value within client companies, while promoting responsible investment and sustainable development.

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