Roblox ranks third on Fast Company’s fourth annual list of 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators

For over 16 years, our Roblox team has been innovating to solve some of the most difficult and interesting technical challenges as we introduce the metaverse. To carry out this kind of pioneering work, we have hired the best talent with creative and innovative thinking and we have created a culture that seeks to empower design and product teams to be responsible, have a long-term vision and to deliver. things, while respecting our global community of millions of creators. Today we are thrilled to share that Fast Company has awarded our team third place in the annual ranking of the 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators.

Maintaining an innovation-oriented culture that seeks to empower design and product teams is one of our top priorities. Our teams innovate in an ever-expanding range of areas including virtual economy, artificial intelligence and machine learning, social graphics, physics, audio, infrastructure, databases, microservices, rendering, etc. Here are two examples of innovations made by the team over the past year:

  • Dress in layers, who gave all on Roblox complete freedom on what their avatar door and to enableD. All-round hyperrealism for clothing this is never seen before in a virtual environment.
  • A Materials update which has improved the visual quality of the entire existing material library to make them even more realistic than before.

“We hear from candidates who are drawn to the breadth of technical challenges we solve here at Roblox, from scaling our infrastructure to working on a state-of-the-art physics and rendering engine to enable more civil communication in shared online spaces and develop developers. revolutionaries, avatars and identity traits, “said Dan Sturman, Roblox Chief Technology Officer. “We are also hiring people who are genuinely excited to create this new category of human co-experience where so much innovation is happening and will continue for decades to come if the opportunity presents itself.” “ The list of Best Workplaces for Innovators recognizes organizations and companies that demonstrate an unwavering commitment to promoting innovation at all levels. The list ranks 100 winners from a variety of industries, including IT, biotechnology, prepackaged consumer goods, nonprofits, education, financial services, cybersecurity, engineering, diversity, sustainability, B2B, and consumer products and services. “This year’s list of Best Workplaces for Innovators recognizes organizations that have shown a deep commitment to cultivating creativity at all levels,” says Brendan Vaughan, editor-in-chief of Fast Company. “In the face of strong headwinds, these leaders and teams continue to lead innovation. “

We continue to hire for hundreds of open roles to usher in the metaverse and can’t wait to climb to the top of this list with all of you.

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