the Solana Spaces store has opened in New York

On Thursday, New York’s Hudson Yard mall welcomed a new store called Solana Spaces. In this special Web3 store you can buy Solana-branded products, but also learn about different areas of the cryptocurrency universe.

A store dedicated to the Solana ecosystem opens in New York

Blockchain Solana (SOL) now enjoys a physical store specially dedicated to him. The latter is located in the Hudson Yard shopping center, in the Manhattan borough of New York:

This is an unprecedented initiative, which responds in the name of Solana spaces. Vibhu Norby, the managing director, was optimistic about the venue’s ability to attract visitors. In a question and answer session on Twitter, she actually presented ambitious figures :

“I don’t think people realize it, but we will be bringing 50,000 to 100,000 people to Solana every month through these stores – and it’s just this year. “

Thus, this first establishment opened its doors last Thursday.

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A place of exchange and learning

Unsurprisingly, the Solana Spaces store sells blockchain merchandise. We will find, for example, pairs of shoes and other clothes, but also the Saga, Solana’s first smartphone.

Beyond that, Solana Spaces stands out support with beginners. In fact, for example, it is possible to learn how to configure the Phantom wallet in order to interact with this ecosystem. Training on decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is also offered.

Still at the tutorial level, visitors will be able to discover the different applications that make up the landscape of Solana. This specifically includes StepN, Magic Eden or Orca.

Additionally, users of the Solana Pay service will be granted a 50% discount on their purchases, up to a limit of $ 200 off.

Whatever the success of this novelty, it is a welcome experience, which could turn out to be a powerful vector of democratization should it be duplicated around the world.

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