Yadeck, the Sorare of French rap, develops a card game in the form of an NFT

The project, which will soon be launched in beta, offers a video game of cards, in the form of digital tokens. The French rap market will be at the center of investments.

He is a fan of French rap and the Magic card game. Paul Wallaert, founder of Yadeck, wanted to unite his passions. In a few days, this French rap card game will be launched in beta, reserved for several select players who will be able to register on the site.

These cards are actually NFTs, these non-fungible digital tokens. Depending on a rapper’s first album ranking each week and his or her certifications, the value, power, and price of the card will vary. A well-known, well-ranked rapper will embody a more powerful card than a lesser-known early career rapper. But the interest is also there: betting on an emerging artist is an opportunity to invest little in someone who can explode. It will be possible to collect the cards, exchange them, resell them, or participate in competitions where two players compete in a duel with a “deck”, a deck of 5 cards. Each purchase will be auctioned. A minimum price will be set for each level. For example, the basic cards called “collectors”, will be marketed starting from 2 euros.

A digital rap championship for everyone

When we saw Sorare using NFTs as a tool,we thought it was really an interesting technological object “explains Paul Wallaert. He launched the Yadeck project in 2021 with his brother Yann. The Athéna Family investment company supported them with € 2 million. Since then, around 20 employees have worked on development. They quickly teamed up with Amadou Ba and Florian Lecerf two collaborators of Booska-P, a rap magazine. “They know the people of the sector, the record companies, they gave us good first contacts”. Yadeck managed to get closer to Warner Music France, with which a partnership was created to obtain the rights to their artists. But the site also wants to get the rights of independent rappers, many on the French scene and among emerging talents. “We want to become the FIFA of French rap. Every footballer dreams of one day having his character in play, for us it has to be the same model and rap is the only musical style that embodies the comparison particularly well..

For artists there is a real interest in terms of communication. “They will be able to reach a wider audience, an audience of investors who do not necessarily know the world of rap”. A business topic is created: “Each production company, and therefore for redistribution each artist will receive royalties on a purchased card, without having to pay anything”. It is also an opportunity to federate your community, as each card sold will be accompanied by a prize: dedications, offered CDs, meetings, preview listening to concert tickets.

Cards with varying levels of rarity and power will be offered in waves to players and collectors. Yadeck

The CEO insists on the notion of accessibility. “We wanted to use the polygonal blockchain. Ethereum’s fees were too high and we wanted to avoid the only buyers being those with large funds. Everyone will be able to buy cards and follow the market to understand their value“. Thanks to a partnership with Snep, Syndicat national de l’édition phonographique, Yadeck knows the sales of the artists and will provide key information to the players. Each album of an artist will be credited with 1100 cards, with different levels of rarity. To balance the goods, will be distributed in waves.

The project, which will be fully launched at the end of 2022, intends to develop on all fronts. “We will change the recipe. There will certainly be cards of other genres that will be added, such as the beatmakers – those who make up the instrumentals of rap songs – or the former rappers who no longer produce. From 2023, a one-on-one game mode will be offered for the curious, without having to buy a card. A mobile application is also under development.. In the more distant future Paul Wallaert also has the ambition to export his recipe to the rap markets of other countries, in particular the United States, masters of the genre, or Germany.

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