10 million French still owe money to the tax authorities, are you worried?

While all taxpayers have declared their income taxes for the year 2021 for more than a month, some of them will be entitled to a refund from public finances. Others, however, will have to pay. Find out what situation you are in. Don’t worry, the Objeko editorial team will tell you everything. You are ready ?

Who is affected by this refund?

Good news, some French people will have a surprise in the coming days. No, no, this is not a joke. But what surprise exactly? Well, a tax credit. From what we know, the French would have been stolen 11.5 billion euros too much. A huge amount, which taxes have to repay. If your bank transfer refund started on July 21, it will finish in a few hours. But who is affected by this refund?

Well, first of all, some are entitled to reimbursement of tax relief or credits for some expenses incurred in 2021. We are thinking in particular of donations to charities, expenses for home work, childcare or rental investments. In this specific case, the amount you will receive will correspond to the balance of the tax reductions and credits to which you are entitled. The second case concerns the deduction at source.

How to get your tax credit?

If your withholding taxes were greater than the final amount of your tax, you will also be entitled to a refund. It should be noted that this is possible, if for example your income has decreased. But especially if you haven’t reported it to the taxman. If you have delayed declaring the birth of a child that entitles you to an additional half fee, you can also have a tax credit there. In this case, the refunded amount will correspond to the overpayment of the tax deducted at source in 2021.

The amount will finally be paid by bank transfer or check if the tax authorities are not aware of the bank details of the interested parties. They don’t have to take any action. That’s not bad, right? You need to know that your reductions, deductions and tax credits must be declared with your other income in the 2022 declaration. If you are unable to file your return online, you must use a paper declaration.

How to pay taxes?

For the others, the sum amounts to 22.5 billion, to be divided among the 10.7 million families who have not paid enough taxes. And for them, this is not good news at all. This can be explained, for example, if your income increased last year. Or, if in January 2022 he benefited from too large an advance of tax relief or tax credits. The affected families will be sampled starting in September. In one fell swoop, on September 26, if the sum does not exceed 300 euros. In four stages, otherwise. Here, you know everything.

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