A university offers a return to school in the metaverse for its students

News hardware A university offers a return to school in the metaverse for its students

In addition to its recreational aspect, the 3D virtual world, more commonly known as the metaverse, tends to establish itself in various fields such as work or higher education. Academics from a technology school will be the first to return to school remotely, in the metaverse …

From September of this year, young Hong Kongers will experience a very special back to school, as it will take place in the famous metaverse. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology plans to use the metaverse to bring students together on a fully digital campus.

This initiative will not be limited to simple virtual courses, in fact the university intends to offer a real 3D virtual campus that allows the exchange between teachers and students.

Equipped with a virtual viewer, students will be able to:

  • Configure their avatars
  • To work
  • Group
  • Participate in activities
  • Take university courses
  • Share publicly or privately

To achieve the most immersive result, the university used XR sensors to model identical classes in the metaverse. The goal of this innovative project is to connect students based on another campus of the university located in Guangzhou, 180 kilometers from Hong Kong.

But the project of this university is not limited only to the classical uses of the metaverse.

A degree in NFT?

The MetaHKUST project wants to push the university into a logic of adopting the web3.

“Hong Kong has all the elements necessary for the future development of Web 3.0 in a context of rapid convergence of our physical and digital world. As the first university in the world to build a digital twin for our two campuses, HKUST is poised to take the lead in creating a sustainable VR ecosystem to better integrate research and learning. ”Assures Professor Yang WANG on the initiative of the project

When it comes to the metaverse, NFTs are never far away … To become a true pioneer in web3 higher education, in addition to using the metaverse, the campus wants to issue transcripts and diplomas in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This technology behind the most famous virtual art collections such as Bored Ape Yahct Club (BAYC) or Cryptopunks would allow these named virtual documents to have real value online.

This is not the first time the region has been the subject of experimentation around the metaverse. Then, faced with severe restrictive measures during the latest wave of Covid, Hong Kongers were offered several virtual experiences to overcome confinement last June.

Among these companies, Facebook’s Meta had notably announced recreational activities in a 3D rendering of a Hong Kong district within its Horizon metaverse.

These different initiatives may show a more flattering aspect of the famous metaverse. Indeed, several recent surveys indicate a general reluctance on the part of individuals towards this new concept of the virtual. However, it is undeniable that during one pandemic among others, this digital 3D world can prove useful in several areas.

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