Animals and heatwaves: the right things to help them during the hot season

Animals suffer from heat waves and high heat in general, almost more than humans. These few tips and items can help you better manage these intense heat episodes with your mates.

The heat wave doesn’t just affect humans. Animals suffer as well, and if they are exposed to excessive heat like the one France is experiencing this summer – with a new episode during the first week of August – they may not have the means to let you know about their discomfort. It is therefore up to you to take care of their well-being.

A few simple gestures and clever items can help you take care of your mates in hot weather.

Things to know to protect animals from the heat wave

It sounds obvious, but don’t accidentally endanger your pet unnecessarily. If you have to stay at home during a heat wave, some precautions can be taken, as animals do not regulate their temperature, like us, through sweating.

  • The SPA remembers for example that heat exposure can be severe for older or sick dogs. Accommodation that is too hot during the day can be fatal for them. If your office is air-conditioned, why not take them with you?
  • This advice is even more valid in the case of cars: do not leave an animal in a closed car, even in the shade, even for 5 minutes. The temperature rises very quickly and there are still too many accidents. Some cars, such as Teslas, have a “dog mode” which keeps the cabin at a livable temperature.
  • Minimize exercise and outings during the hottest periods : prefer morning outings or at nightfall.
  • For small animals such as rabbits and rodents, do not hesitate to multiply the points of access to water – in addition to the bottles sold on the market, bowls of water can be placed at will, a more natural way to drink. The idea is that the water stays fresh. If you don’t see them drinking, you can also exceptionally give them fruit loaded with water – melon or watermelon (which, we remind you, cannot constitute a normal diet, but only sweets).
  • If you have a balcony, garden or terrace, think of wild animals, even sensitive to heat : on FranceInfo, the Faune Alfort association attached to the veterinary clinic recommends leaving a plate of water available, especially in cities where water points are rarer.
If an animal has to stay in the car temporarily, this should ideally be done under supervision and with obvious precautions. // Source: flickr / dagnyg

Note that the presence of an animal in a closed vehicle can be an exceptional scenario in which a window can be broken to free it. But be careful: it is advisable to ascertain the apparent state of the animal. Does he seem to be suffering from the heat? Do you have water with him on the seat? Is there an opening for airflow to enter? Or is it a Tesla with dog mode?

If you feel the situation is urgent […], you can break a window to save the animal. It is recommended to surround yourself with at least 2 witnesses who will be able to attest in good faith if an action is subsequently brought by the car owner. “Explains the Ministry of the Interior. It might even be best to call the police first to get them to intervene.

And most importantly, make sure the owner doesn’t show up or be around!

Items that help cool pets

Beyond air conditioning, the double-edged sword par excellence, because it alleviates as much as it worsens the situation, few technological or non-technological objects can help support animals during heat waves. They will never replace careful monitoring of the humans they live with – you.

cold mattress


As the SPA notes, cooling “from below” is more effective than cooling “from above”: it is smarter to cool an animal’s legs and belly than the back or head. A cold mattress on which an animal can lie down is therefore a good idea: on Amazon there are dozens of them sold, but this model sold in different sizes has caught our attention. We observed two behaviors: total acceptance of the intended use (a dog lying on it) or diversion because the animal did not like the material. In the latter case, the object still has an effect: the dog lies down next to it and takes advantage of the cold.

Water fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell

A fountain, in addition to filtering the water, has incentive properties for dogs and cats. We can only recommend PetSafe’s reference model, which is quiet and large enough for dogs to drink without worry. On the other hand, continue to offer more natural alternatives to your pets so they don’t lose the habit of drinking from a cup, for example.

Paw of water

water paw

Aquapaw was designed as a grooming tool, but in hot weather it can come in handy if your pet is very hot and doesn’t particularly like water. It is a shower head that attaches to a shower or an external water outlet and allows you to bathe an animal in a more reassuring way than a tub or a jet, since you remain in contact with it.

Nest Cam

The Nest Cam is an excellent pet surveillance camera. Google’s algorithms even allow you to precisely track their movements in your apartment by setting an alert when it detects animal movements.

This allows anyone who has to leave a pet at home to make sure that everything is okay and to react in real time in case of problems, or to notify a neighbor. Especially useful when the weather conditions are extreme.

Other connected surveillance cameras will be fine: the important thing is to be able to see the streaming on your smartphone or computer at any time.

A Tesla


No, we’re not serious. However, Teslas have a well-designed Dog mode (which can be a cat / rabbit mode for you): it warns passers-by that your dog is safe in your vehicle, while maintaining an ideal temperature.

You will find all the information about the Tesla range in this article.

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