Capgemini and Unity sign a global partnership

Unity is a world leader in technologies for creating metaverses. Unit

The two partners want to support their customers in the development of new interactive solutions.

Stores hosted in a virtual world, 3D workplace, training, digital twin in the industry … Capgemini wants to tackle all metaverses. To complete its range of services, the group has signed a partnership with Unity, one of the main technological players in the sector. “Unity has key technologies, which are based on several years of research and development and which have proven themselves for massive use in 3D and immersive real-time environments “, sums up Alexandre Embry, Head of Technologies and Innovation for Capgemini responsible for immersive technologies.

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Enough to meet the expectations of Capgemini’s corporate customers, determined to develop their businesses in the “three main classes of use of the metaverse“First, the consumer experience in virtual universes for playing games, attending virtual events such as concerts, having social interactions or shopping. For brands, a presence in the metaverse is a way to increase their audience and reach a the younger population, Generation Z, who shuns the more traditional environments. The second point more directly concerns the business world, with the development of “more humanized collaborative solutions“, more interactive, offering the possibility to work from anywhere, carry out training, hold meetings, job interviews … Finally, the third component concerns the development of digital twins, these digital replicas of reality, intended in particular to improve productivity and facilitate innovation.

There is already a huge appetite on the part of companies, from all sectors combined, for this type of solution», Observes Alexandre Embry, even if«different levels of maturity and uses “. The metaverse accessible today is closer to 3D video games. In the future, within two to three years, it is expected to evolve further to integrate more interactions and more virtual worlds.


Alongside this announcement, Capgemini is setting up its Metaverse-Lab, a “central unit designed to support our customers in defining their strategy in the customer metaverse. And at the same time bring our contribution to the creation of the metaverse, to have a say in the creation of the future web 3 “explains Alexandre Embry. He will also be responsible for the Capgemini Metaverse-Lab. The standardization of the metaverse is still in its infancy. The group intends to participate in the debates on its definition, to be involved in the structuring of the Web 3.

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