Crypto: Is Michael Saylor no longer CEO of MicroStrategy, a “total clown”?

Wed 03 August 2022 ▪ 13:00 ▪

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Michael Saylor is no longer the CEO of MicroStrategy. This is what the media peddled yesterday following the release of a company press release. From now on he will devote himself to bitcoin buying activities, and will hold the position of Executive President of MicroStrategy. To say that Vitalik Buterin had just called him ” total clown “.

Has MicroStrategy CEO Saylor been demoted?

In 1989, Michael Saylor founded MicroStrategy, a company specializing in business intelligence software. Since then he has been its general manager.

But the bad blows his company received in the background bear race he didn’t fix things. This is despite a series of massive bitcoin purchases and Saylor’s role as a bitcoin advocate for some time.

The balance sheet is heavy for the company: MSTR shares drop to more than 48%, loss of nearly $ 1.5 billion associated with the collapse of BTC, etc.

Just yesterday, the business intelligence firm released a statement saying Michael Saylor no longer holds the title of CEO of MicroStrategy. However, we didn’t kick him out. As an accompanying measure, he is entitled to the title of Executive President, with the main role of buying bitcoin on behalf of the company.

Saylor explains:

I believe separating the roles of President and CEO will allow us to better pursue our two business strategies of acquiring and owning bitcoin and growing our business analytics software business. As Executive Chairman, I will be able to focus more on our bitcoin acquisition strategy and related bitcoin promotion initiatives. While Phong will have the power, as CEO [de MicroStrategy]to manage all the operations of the company.

Vitalik Buterin takes it for a ” total clown

On Sunday, Vitalik Buterin, the man who predicted Meta’s failure, made unflattering comments on Twitter about the former MicroStrategy CEO. Here’s what he said:

Why do the maximalists keep choosing heroes who turn out to be total clowns?

Of course, it was Michael Saylor who had in his sights. The cause ? The latter recently criticized Ethereum and its co-founder.

Recall that the former CEO of MicroStrategy said in a recent video that title laws are rooted in the “Decalogues” (the ten commandments of the Bible). And in his eyes, Ethereum is the type to break these laws and lack ethics.

For it to be a commodity, there cannot be a broadcaster and the truth is, you can’t really make decisions. I mean, one of the fundamental ideas in the cryptocurrency industry is that the fact that you can change it is what makes it a security. “Said the man who considers Ethereum a security.

To bring the point home, he blew, during the Blockhain Economy conference in Istanbul, that ” “Ethically healthy” means I need to know that no one can change [le protocole]which includes Vitalik “.

And these comments from the former CEO of Microstrategy have not failed to irritate Vitalik Buterin and his entire gang. So, for the moment, we are only at the beginning of a long series of verbal fights between these 2 icons of the crypto universe. All that’s missing are the views of pro-crypto Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey to make matters worse and it will be a total disaster. In the eyes of without coinsthis is really another weapon to use against enthusiasts.

Sources: Forkast; CNBC; Mashable India

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