Cryptocurrency scam: a youtuber with 4 million euros vanished

The videographer abused the trust of his subscribers to extort money from them under the pretext of a bank investment. If 40 complaints have been filed, the total number of victims could exceed 300 people, for damages amounting to 4 million euros.

On the internet, it responded to the name of Crypto Gouv before disappearing overnight. Specializing in financial investments, and especially in cryptocurrencies, he had maintained, without ever revealing his true identity, an audience of over 4000 people with whom he regularly traded via the Telegram or Discord networks. It is thanks to this that his scam could be built.

One thing led to another, Crypto Gouv has managed to create a strong bond of trust in its community regarding its financial investment capabilities. Thus, he began to offer his subscribers the creation of small groups (or swimming pools) to invest together. With his promise of a juicy return on investment, many follow him and pledge money, a lot of money for some: “Investors have placed one hundred euros, others several tens of thousands of euros”the actors’ lawyer, master Jérémy Asta-Vola, confides to France Inter.

Gone as fast as it came

It was on July 9 that the mask fell. Crypto Gouv shamelessly announces in video to leave with all the funds: “It is as if you have entrusted a sum to a financial investment advisor and he has simply left with your money”, explains Asta-Vola. In a final tutorial, now unavailable, he explains, without any qualms, the complete functioning of his scam. He even goes so far as to mention the 5-year prison sentence he faces for this scam. France Inter reveals that the damages are estimated at around 4 million euros.

Also according to sources from France Inter, an investigation was opened in mid-July entrusted to the gendarmes of the research section of the capital. In total, about forty complaints were filed, a very small number compared to the approximately 300 victims. A self-help discussion for potential victims of the Crypto Gov scam has emerged on the Discord app. Faced with this type of incident, cryptocurrency communities are working on scam prevention. Maestro Asta-Vola notices it“There is a mass audience that is interested in these practices. Inevitably, some malicious people see it as an opportunity. This type of scam is on the rise ”. On France Inter, the lawyer advises those who would be interested in cryptocurrencies to stay vigilant, learn as much as possible and only invest the money they might lose.

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