It will be heavy! Asia’s Largest Crypto Event Is Returning!

Korea Blockchain Week 2022 will be held August 7-14 in Seoul, South Korea. It is Asia’s most important cryptocurrency and blockchain event for this year. Industry scholars will discuss and redefine the future of cryptocurrencies and digital finance. KBW2022 is organized by Factblock and Hashed.

For this edition, participants will benefit from various networking opportunities. The VIP FactBlock evening and meeting of Avalanche community members will be part of these timely events. The KBW2022 which will take place in South Korea will be awarded by the web3 community around the world.

We inform you of the program of this great event.

The FactBlock VIP party

The event kicks off with the FactBlock VIP party on August 7th. Influential figures from the blockchain sphere will be present during this evening. There will be opportunities for startups, developers, online sellers and other business makers in web3.

Networking, in fact, is particularly important for this evening, knowing that sponsors, directors, leaders and other emblematic figures of web3 will present themselves.

The impact of KBW2022

On 8 and 9 August, KBW2022 Impact will bring together the pioneers of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This event will host among others: Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, Kevin Sekniqi COO of Avalanche and Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin.

These emblematic personalities of blockchain and web3 will hold conferences during these two days. Now is the time to find out more about their projects.

The official hacker house

Decipher and FactBlock will host this event from August 9-11. During the event, attendees will learn everything there is to know about blockchain, NFT, DeFi, cryptocurrencies like Solana and more.

You can meet business partners there, from wherever you are from ChinaUnited States, Europe, Japan or for that matter.

It’s a free wifi event and there will be some good food too!

NFT impact

From 12 to 14 August, Dongdaemun Design Plaza will host an NFT event. Important names in the sector are expected. This is the meeting not to be missed if you want to know more about NFTs, their interests, how to invest them or even just to create them. During these three days an NFT gallery will be set up.

How to come to KBW2022?

For Web3 fans, the KBW is certainly the most important event of this year. Meetings and business opportunities there are many and important ones to do. To attend the event, those interested can purchase the ticket at a price of approximately 450 USD. To attend all conferences, you need to count on USD 1,000.

KBW2022 reveals the news and defines the main lines of the web3 sphere. Let’s discover and rediscover the blockchain and its ecosystem. We learn new techniques to use the web3. Networking opportunities are among the most anticipated of the web3 community.


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