The Magic Eden NFTs platform lands on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

Magic Eden, the largest non-fungible token platform (NFT) on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, will make its services available to the creators of Ethereum (ETH). A feature that will be in beta soon will allow you to purchase Ethereum collections in SOL and vice versa, and a cross-chain collection, IZU, is already planned in the coming weeks.

Magic Eden extends its services on Ethereum

The non-fungible token platform (NFT). magical edenthe largest in terms of volume traded the Solana blockchain (SOL), he announced it last June in parallel with his fundraisingwants to switch to multi-chain. Today we learn that this expansion will begin to the Ethereum blockchain (ETH).

This is a sensible decision, with Ethereum being the network it hosts extensively the largest NFT projects but which also observes the higher trading volumes, in particular through the OpenSea platform.

Magic Eden will put it like this its range of tools available to NFT creators on Ethereum, such as its minting tool and marketing support. Additionally, a dashboard with multi-chain data should soon see the light, to allow users of the platform to have a maximum information available in the same position.

The NFT platform will also set up several beta tests in order to implement a tool that will allow make chain purchases in both cryptocurrencies, permitting SOL holders buy NFTs developed on Ethereum and viceversa. A calendar with theall upcoming collections is also provided.

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A platform with great ambitions

Valued at over $ 1.6 billion just 9 months after its creation, Magic Eden is thinking big, it’s proof of that very broad domain of the NFT market on Solana, since only the platform occupies 90% of the volume of NFT transactions on the network.

Determined not to rest on its laurels, the company launched magical adventures last month, a unit totally dedicated to investments projects that combine games and non-fungible tokens.

Although OpenSea has been supporting Solana’s NFTs for a few months, Magic Eden has been able to conquer the market thanks to its own many developer toolswhile taking advantage of Solana’s low transaction fees.

According to the Magic Eden press release, it will be the first cross-chain collection to see the light of day EZU, a profile picture project (PFP) developed by the creators of the collection Psychedelic Anonymousthat should see the light of day ” in the next weeks “.

For Jack LuCEO and co-founder of Magic Eden, this type of initiative will benefit everyone:

“The more blockchain creators and collectors they can achieve, the more we can experience powerful cultural moments on the blockchain together. We are honored to be the destination that will bring the next wave of users to Web3. “

Magic Eden is going to do thatwelcome more blockchains in the futurealthough no name has yet been revealed.

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