The man who lost 8,000 bitcoins has an 11 million plan to get them back

Artificial intelligence, robots, and various experts from various branches of the industry could enable James Howells to achieve his goals.

Last year, James Howells’ misadventure had gone around the world; many Internet users have followed the wanderings of this Welsh engineer who explains that he threw a hard disk containing 8,000 bitcoins in the trash. A small fortune that the interested party intends to recover. And according to Business Insider, he’s recently returned to the fray with a major plan whose total price is about $ 11 million.

The price of the operation is staggering, but the interested party considers it perfectly justified. And for good reason: even though the cryptocurrency star is now far from its peak last November ($ 58,323 versus $ 22,338 at the time of writing), this digital stock market is still worth more than $ 175 million; the kind of sum that transforms a life.

An army of experts to gut an entire landfill

If he accepts such an expense, it is because the task ahead is far from easy. The famous hard disk ended up in a huge landfill of so-called final waste, that is, not destined to be recycled. And he’s going to go through this mountain of garbage cans with a fine-toothed comb!

But it’s not about doing it alone. To support him, he has assembled a team of eight experts in areas such as AI, waste management and data mining. The Business Insider specifies that one of them even participated in the recovery of data from the space shuttle Columbia after its catastrophic crash.

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Together with their respective companies, he was tasked with drawing up a plan of attack that would allow them to review the approximately 110,000 tons of waste accumulated on the spot. And to help them they can count on Spot, the famous dog-robot from Boston Dynamics. This machine capable of driving sheep, dancing like Mick Jagger or even guarding Pompeii will act as a leg scanner whose role will be to signal any element that may betray the presence of the hard drive.

The idea would be to let the AI-powered machines dig up the waste. These would then be transported to a temporary sorting center specially built for the occasion. Humans would be hired there to review all of this material. To assist them in this task, they can count on machines equipped with an AI specialized in sorting and recognizing objects.

And with all these efforts, the height would be for a smart kid to come and find the dump on his side and leave with the precious sesame. Howells therefore plans to use Spot again. During the night, his role will be to make sure no one comes near the site.

The City Council does not want to hear anything

If he can get his hands on the record, Howells intends to keep around 30% of it, or around fifty million euros at the current rate. The rest would be split between the investors who offered him this $ 11 million, the project team … and each of Newport’s 150,000 residents, up to £ 50 each.

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This last point is not insignificant, and it is definitely a way to gain public approval. And this is not an insignificant detail, far from it. Because there is still an obstacle, and no less important: the reluctance of the local municipality, which for almost ten years has systematically refused access.

It must be said that its representatives are not really happy to see an army of contractors preparing their three-year leave. He hopes his new project convinces them, but it’s not a foregone conclusion.

Nothing Mr. Howells could introduce us it wouldn’t change the Council’s mind, insists one of its representatives. “ Your proposal presents significant ecological risks that we cannot accept, and in any case we cannot even consider within the scope of our permit. “He says in an interview with Insider.

It therefore remains to be seen whether the Council will eventually validate this insane project. Case to follow!

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