40 million euros for an emergency fund and an appeal for the “benevolence” of banks and insurers for hailstorms


urinating this August 3 recommendations and reporting to its sponsor, the Minister of Agriculture Marc Fesneau, the flash mission to assess damage in the agricultural world of the General Council for Food, Agriculture and Rural Spaces (CGAAER) does not provide figures for the damage caused to crops by the succession of hail episodes that fell in late May, early June and late June of this year. In the vineyard, horticulture, cultivated fields and fruit trees, there would be “At least 240,000 hectares [touchés] based on unconsolidated feedback ” we say to the CGAER. According to the first feedback from Vitisphere7,000 hectares of vineyards were affected this Pentecost (in Gers, Gironde, Roussillon, Savoy, Beaujolais and the Loire Valley), and 30,000 hectares devastated at the end of June (in Bordeaux, Cognac, in the Loire Valley , in Saint-Pourçain, in Mâconnais, at the foot of the Pyrenees, in Burgundy and Beaujolais, in Cahors, in the Hérault …).

Noting the variety of damage and production involved, the Ministry of Agriculture indicated that it has received and intends to implement the seven recommendations of the flash mission. Starting with the expansion of the emergency fund dedicated to the frosts of 2022 to the hail of 2022. Marc Fesneau’s cabinet indicates that a decree has just been signed on 3 August to allocate an additional budget of 40 million euros. These are funds available to regional prefects for “provide a quick response to situations of extreme fragility within the limit of a ceiling of 5,000 euros / company, which can be revoked in the most extreme situations, within the limit of the minimis” says the ministry.

Delicate files

“The Minister will ask the banking networks to ensure that their local branches are ahead of their time on the ground with respect to cash flow difficulties and the requests for staggering or deferring the deadlines that they will entail, in particular if in terms of the issue of State Guarantee Loans (PGE) ” we add rue de Varenne, underlining that the extension and staggering of PGEs is clearly identified, but that “This EMP problem is transversal. It would be complicated to carry out a specific measurement for that sector and allow them to extend only their PGE. Initially, we count on the goodwill of local banking institutions to handle sensitive practices. “ Secondly, the wine sector hopes that this issue of PGE will be addressed by parliamentarians in the autumn during the next budget law (PLF 2023). In the same vein, “The minister also asked insurers to kindly review compensation practices and provide their policyholders with the documents to benefit from other arrangements” says the ministry.

The Ministry also indicates that it has requested the central fund of the MSA (to determine the needs for deferral of contributions), requested the activation of emergency departmental cells (to identify the damage and not leave any farmer isolated), sent to the management department of the public finances the request to opt for an automatic reduction of the tax on non-building land (TFNB) …

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