Bitcoin on August 3, 2022 – At your compass!

Double meaning – The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is trading above $ 23,000, but the markets remain divided on the direction of the next move.

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$ 19,000 Next stop for Bitcoin’s price?

Bitcoin price rises to $ 23,626 on Bitfinex today, August 3, 2022. Cryptocurrency trades at $ 23,381 at the time of this writing. Its price is currently posting a 1.77% daily gain.

As recapturing the 200-week moving average and holding above it are blowing bullish hopes among some traders, PROFIT BLUE tweeter shared a 9-hour chart of Bitcoin’s price, showing that the cryptocurrency could drop as low as $ 20,000 and up.

PROFIT BLUE Publication – Source: Twitter

Since mid-June of last year, the price of Bitcoin appears to have formed a similar pattern to that from May to mid-June, with a double high at the time, followed by the collapse that brought the price of Bitcoin back to levels close to $ 20,000.

Bitcoin price recently formed the second high, which hit a resistance zone between $ 23,000 and $ 25,000. The cryptocurrency may therefore have started a fall it would not find support for only $ 19,000. The chart further highlights the existence of a downtrend line.

BTC price: imminent exit from the bearish zone

Instead, XOR Strategy founder Aurélien Ohayon shared a 2-day Bitcoin price chart, with a bullish outlook, noting that ” a mighty bull run begins “.

The chart shows the existence of bearish, pre-bullish and bullish zones that Bitcoin has gone through since 2014. The price of the cryptocurrency has entered the bearish zone after hitting an all-time high near $ 69,000.

BTC USD: entering the pre-bullish zone
Publication by Aurélien Ohayon – Source: Twitter

It would currently be at the gates of the pre-bull area. The bullish zone would begin after mid-2023. In this pattern, Bitcoin would reach a new 6-digit ATH for the next cycle, after mid-2024.

The outcome of the battle between bulls and bears remains uncertain. Historical data shows two different possible patterns for the short-term price of Bitcoin. The last word now belongs to the macro-environment, which could put this month of August in red or green?

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