Bored Apes: thanks to a Google initiative, cheaper NFTs on the market

Bored Apes are known for their low prices but, thanks to a famous GAFAM, the collection has never been so accessible. What a small revamp offers to the Yuga Labs project.

Bored monkeys a little more accessible?

Often considered one of Yuga Labs’ most prolific collections of non-fungible tokens, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is successful and priced bordering on madness. However, their popularity did not fall on deaf ears. Indeed, a GAFAM was involved through a third party project.

In recent years, Google has taken an interest in many artificial intelligence projects and has made its resources available. Therefore, any developer is able to tap into these to create their own artificial intelligence. The CryptoGims artist was quick to create his own machine capable of generating NFTs. Not just any NFT, since his ArtMonke project allows you to edit real derivatives of Bored Apes.

Source: Artsy MONKE Twitter account

The bored monkeys generated by ArtMonke are inspired by existing artwork, images and various styles to offer original monkeys. Each NFT is offered at a minimum of 0.01 ETH (around 17 euros). Therefore, any hobbyist can get the dream monkey of him. A ridiculous price if you know that the last sale of a work by Yuga Labs was made for $ 168,829. Available on OpenSea, the collection is already sold out. For now, it does not enjoy the success of the original Bored Apes, but it marks the success of a new project that combines cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence.

The ApeCoin token attracts big brands

Currently, Bored Ape NFTs suffer somewhat from a lack of public interest. However, the same is not true for the associated token. Still far from earning a spot in the top 10 cryptocurrencies, ApeCoin is sparking interest. Having exploded following the Otherside metaverse demo, the piece is now accepted by a big name in fashion.

Lovers of Gucci clothes, in fact, will now be able to pay for their purchases with ApeCoin.

Source: ApeCoin Twitter account

For now, only US customers will be able to take advantage of this new payment option. It will also be necessary to have the BitPay application which will allow the merchant to convert the tokens. The future will tell if this initiative will have given new life to ApeCoin and if it will become a favorite shopping asset.

The one unfortunate in this story is Google, which benefits from neither ArtMonke’s nor ApeCoins’ popularity. Conversely, GAFAM is under investigation regarding the management of cryptographic applications. US justice wants to know if any of them are fraudulent and orders the Google Store to review its review process. Apple would also be affected by this block. The arrival of cryptocurrency regulations is therefore already being felt.


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