Cybercriminals have found a new niche! NFT!

When we talk about web3 and its universe, we tend to think that it is a super safe universe. Unfortunately, the repeated cryptocurrency thefts in recent times are baffling the whole world and lately observers have noticed that cybercriminals are attacking NFTs today. Here are the details on these cyber attacks.

Cybercriminals land in the NFT universe

Given the amount of money that has been and is being pumped into NFTs, it is inevitable that cybercriminals will look for new ways to make easy money out of it. One of the first ideas that come to scammers with little computer knowledge is to take any item that does not belong to them on the Internet and sell it on the markets pretending it is legitimate.

Cybercriminals also steal user accounts. In March 2021, victims claimed that they either stole their NFT art or bought NFTs and then stole them using their credit card information. The NFTs were then resold and these users learned their lesson the hard way. Furthermore, these malicious people also steal private keys by hacking online safes and even use the software to achieve their dark purposes.

Their latest fads are the fake markets to lure people potentially interested in stealing their NFTs, their banking details and selling them which are worthless; this is a next level hack!

Malicious robots to watch out for

The reason authorities are so interested in bots in the NFT universe is because they are able to manipulate the pricing and availability of NFT products. They may also offer bogus products for sale and be part of larger schemes that result in the destruction of a large number of websites, as well as identity theft and other personal financial information that can be stolen or used.

Today, if you want to be successful in the world of NFTs, you will need to protect yourself from buying bots, offer bots, promotion bots, and counterfeit bots. These bots were created by malicious people who want to get rich behind real players in the NFT world.

At the moment, some players are developing even smarter bots to protect consumers from malicious bots. Furthermore, the work on safety is becoming more and more serious; It’s a hard work!

If you want to be protected from hackers when you start entering the world of NFTs, make sure you are on a platform that offers multi-factor authentication, tokenize your tweets, protect your wallets by buying a hardware wallet directly on the site and above all to pay attention to the fake communities. Of course, to this long list, we can add web3 security education and awareness. Finally, don’t despair, as a solid regulatory framework will need to be put in place and adapted to NFTs and is only in its infancy.


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