The giant Binance continues to invest

The fall in cryptocurrencies can continue as long as it wants, but it will never alter Changpeng Zhao’s enthusiasm. He had already expressed his confidence in these assets. However, his current activities are proof of his claims. The industry is gradually recovering from the cryptocurrency winter, and Binance is proving once again why it is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Binance, more and more activities to stay on top

Being number one has its pros and cons. First, you have an obligation to look for ways to hold your position on a daily basis. In this case, no respite is allowed. The more you evolve, the harder the task becomes. Binance is in the same position.

As the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world, CZ’s company cannot afford to rest on its laurels. The relentless activities of this platform are proof that success has heavy setbacks. After announcing that he was prepared for the cryptocurrency winter, Changpeng Zhao launched a series of activities that brought him ahead of Coinbase.

In its expansion program, Binance has expanded into many territories. However, it’s his investments that make the cryptocurrency giant talk. After launching BAB, her token for KYC, recently announcement an investment in Lifeform, a decentralized digital visual identity (DID) solutions provider.

According to Mia Mai, Binance Labs Chief Investment Officer, this investment will allow future Web3 users to enjoy a symbiotic ecosystem.

New conditions of use for a better investment!

The evolution of the crypto sector is pushing companies operating in the sector to review their general conditions of use (CGU). If Binance is one of the best trading platforms in the world, it is undoubtedly the way the company operates.

For further optimization, Binance France has updated its privacy policy. Among other things, compliance with the established rules. In fact, Binance said it has the right to suspend accounts and freeze assets deemed fraudulent. However, the latest changes made to the site would have damaged the platform.

According to Tigran Gambaryan, Binance would have lost almost 90% of its users after the implementation of “Know your customer”. Recall that so far investors are mixed on this option. Cryptocurrencies are meant to be decentralized and allow for anonymity. Therefore, if this statement is true, the best trading platform in the world may be in bad shape.

Despite the difficulties in the industry, Changpeng Zhao maintains a leadership position with its Binance platform. Some statements surprised investors and the CEO would like to apologize. In fact, he claimed that these allegations were false and that the company did not lose any funds. As a result, he can afford to continue his business with ease. His investment in Lifeform is proof that nothing, for the moment, can stop CZ on its tracks.

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