three months at the helm of Ogefrem, multiple exploits!

* The social dialogue revived and systematized. Capacity building through different modulated training courses adapted to various categories of agents and managers. Office renovation. Acquisition of equipment and materials for strengthening the work tool on own funds. Drastic increase in wages. According to him, Lem’s Kamwanya will have invested in imagination and creativity in three months. He says it himself in an interview with Africa News Magazine Tv and there he also reveals his great successes in such a period of time. All the honest, sincere, conscious and rational workers, including some of those who today are agitating after gratuitous accusations with accents of nonsense, had not perhaps recognized his many undertakings, greeted and congratulated his ambitious program, during the signing of the contracts of performance? This is the question that certainly requires moderation. But, in any case, since he became deputy general manager of this same company, he says he is ready to continue serving for the good of all.


In just three months as interim head of the Multimodal Freight Management Office (Ogefrem), Lem’s Kamwanya has signed important results that have all agreed. What was his secret? The one who is now deputy general manager of this Congolese company spoke about his strategy in an interview recently given to Africa News Magazine TV.

When he arrived last April, Lem’s Kamwanya found a bargain on the brink. Social tensions, dysfunctions, salary payments against the backdrop of bank overdrafts, cash deficits …

Above all, the new DG will restore a social climate through a frank dialogue with all agents, at all levels.

“In just three days, I got everyone together, even the ushers,” he said. An unprecedented social closeness in this company that soon paid off: almost everyone adhered to his vision: “Participatory management based on results”.

“I arrived with important decisions. I sailed on this favorable reception which allowed me to quickly engage in key actions,” he recalls.

From that moment “Kisalu has bandaged me”, as they say in the center of Kongo. Lem’s could then actually start working in peace.

Man in his element

The man who participated in the reform of OGEFREM, then an expert in Copirep (Steering Committee for the Reform of Public Enterprises) and played a central role alongside the former DG Patient Sayiba, mainly in the technical aspects, had the advantage of take control of a company he knew very well.

“I was a person who had to be directly operational and not come to learn”.

Quickly, she dealt with optimal functioning and social motivation.

Regarding the transaction, Lem’s Kamwanya assigned each department specific objectives covered by a performance contract. He insisted on participatory management focused on results.

“They recognized my know-how and they also knew that I was one of the princes,” he says.

It’s one thing to invite people to the show, it’s another to give them the means to get there.

The first means provided by Lem’s Kamwanya was capacity building. Six hundred agents were trained in nine different sectors.

Salary increase.

Second method: motivation. “OGEFREM’s accounts were red when I arrived. The agents’ salaries were paid with bank loans,” points out the man who made the company’s financial rehabilitation his forte. A financial orthodoxy that paid off faster than he himself expected. While he had planned a recovery in about 40 days, he had succeeded in his mission in 20 days.

The company could now pay its agents without resorting to bank loans. The first in nine years. And the salaries were paid on time, even before the 20th of each month, as is customary in Ogefrem.

To top it off, there have also been salary increases.

“There has been enough money to the point that there are those who have benefited from more than $ 1,000 increase,” he exults.

In addition to the salaries, the operating costs were also paid immediately. The company has even settled arrears of four to five months under this heading.

In addition, the former DG AI has set up, with the help of the Inspectorate General of Finance (IGF), a “Provisional Cash Plan” for the control of income and expenses.

The Kamwanya of Lem has also started an annuity fund for the payment of pensioners. Before him, they were paid by the corporate treasury. A practice not recommended by the IGF.

Technical performance

When it comes to the technical performance of the business, Lem’s Kamwanya has worked on multiple fronts. Under his leadership, OGEFREM covered 32,000 import and export shipments in one month. A performance never equaled to date, thanks to the control tower installed and inaugurated on June 15th. He has also re-established the role of “shippers’ council” that belongs to Ogefrem. He bought a truck for the Lubumbashi-Kasumbalesa axis.

Its goal is to have them at least in the other two main axes of import and export: Matadi-Kinshasa and Mahagi-Ituri.

To these recovery trucks, we must also add patrol cars.

Lem’s Kamwanya also installed a state-of-the-art control tower on the seventh level of the headquarters building.

And very recently, IT specialists who had gone to South Africa while he was still DG ai returned with an application called “Intervention Commission Electronic Management, for short GECI”.

This technology, it should be remembered, sets up an automatic processing system for all goods import documents, integrating them in dematerialized form on the SEGUCE platform.

Which, logically, simplifies the customs clearance formalities, the will of the Head of State dictated to the Government of the Republic and concretized by Lem’s Kamwanya.

Combining social peace, technicality and seriousness, he managed to move mountains in a short time. And he hasn’t finished dreaming.

(With Africa News Magazine TV)

* The title is from La Pros.

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