Call of Duty’s new enemy comes from a streamer, you are forced to buy NFTs to play and so far it doesn’t convince anyone.

The Web site inclusion of NFT in the field of video games it has been a little more than stormy. The idea of ​​creating a digital economy of buying, selling and exchanging tokens that players could achieve by playing has raised eyebrows. Today, with many companies embracing silence, a competitor for call of Duty from the least expected place: a creator of the content.

Activision hasn’t shown any interest, at least for now, for ENFs within its favorite video game series, but among many “Cod killer”or games that were created with the aim of dethroning the greatest video game saga, dead point it is special. Created under the command of Dr. Disrespectone of the most famous Anglo-Saxon content creators, this project battle royal try to put yourself on the same level as any Call of Duty, with one difference: to play, you have to embrace NFT body and soul.

In fact, while many other studies have included non-fungible tokens after the fact, the idea behind Dedrop is to create “the most community-based, NFT-centric online multiplayer PVP experience the world has ever seen.” , adds the website of Midnight Society, the development studio behind the game. As the content creator and team say, the principle is “mixing Escape from Tarkov with PUBGhas AAA project with a spectacular level of frenzy ”.

Of course, this is a curious and intriguing project. A mix of genres we’ve seen in many, many games over the years, but Dedrop is aiming for the stars, even if it’s … First game did not deserve the ovation that the flow I was hoping. Although development on the project is far from finished, as of July 29, according to Kotaku, a series of clips from Dedrop’s tutorial have leaked and spread like wildfire, earning more than a revision to the the intentions of the flow compare himself to Call of Duty to promote his project.

But why is it the new “CoD killer”? Even if it’s a crazy idea to rival CoD and anything but a investment more than an interactive fun experience – hence the idea of play to winor “play to win” as a playable base – last June, Dr. Disrespect announced that his “Project Moon” would try to rival shooters Established shooters that offer a whole new gameplay experience. That said, it’s a typical strength for a small project. However, the controversial flow he wanted to add fuel to the fire by ensuring that, in Dedrop’s current state, “a piece of the game”. would destroy all Call of Duty jobs: Modern warfare 2“.

The words of this flow did not fall out of favor both the Call of Duty community and the gaming community in general who disapprove of NFTs in games as a means of entertainment. It is in fact a new controversy in the context of a project which, as confirmed by Kotaku, asked for 1.5 million euros. $ 50 For alone to test the game while the flow spending large sums of money to appear on New York City billboards..

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