Decentraland users can now “experience” the new Netflix movie “The Gray Man” from the Metaverse

Streaming giant Netflix has settled in the Decentraland metaverse.

The goal is twofold : Promote his new action movie “The Gray Man”, starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, and explore new interactive ways for a brand to virtually connect with its fans.

The film is a spy thriller and Netflix’s activation of Decentraland in 45 storylines is considered a “mission of the metaverse“. Decentraland recreated a landscape from the film, a maze that users must traverse while demonstrating their knowledge of the film’s plot along the way.

Blockworks demonstrated the experience, along with Martin Shibuya, Art Director of the Decentraland Foundation, and Diego Alvarez, Senior Business Developer of The Electric Factory, the programmers and architects of the game.

Upon entering the maze, users hear the original music from the film and the instructional video of protagonist Ryan Gosling.

In partnership with Netflix, Decentraland said the best way to access the metaverse is to replicate an actual scene from the film. This not only attracts those who have already seen the film, but also “stimulate the users who are in Decentraland to play the maze and entice them to watch the movie “, Explains Martin Shibuya

This one-month experience is a way for big brands to get into the metaverse by renting virtual land for a short, specific project, rather than buying it. According to Mr. Alvarez, the companies that follow this path today “tomorrow they will have a huge advantage if they understand how it works and how people can interact“In the metaverse.

He added that the metaverse is “a way to have fun, to connect with other people here. And that is why we have received this stimulus [jeu de questions] which makes you feel like you are always doing something.

In its first week online, Decentraland claims to have seen 2,000 users walk the maze. Once users reach the fountain in the center and unlock a secret room, they can link their crypto wallets to record the completion time. The fastest time recorded at the time of the demo was thirteen seconds.

Users can also choose rewards, such as a free item for their avatar, which is instantly added to their wallet. Among the choices are the signature looks of the three main agents: Sierra Six’s jacket, Lloyd’s mustache and polo shirt, Miranda’s blazer and bucket hat.

Brands and companies are still trying to figure out how to best leverage blockchain technology to interact with their customers, Alvarez said. “There are so many opportunities that Web3 offers to the entertainment world, especially when it comes to telling engaging stories and engaging the audience.

There is a lot of room for improvementwhen it comes to integrating multiple users into the metaverse, added Shibuya, who believes it is important that virtual worlds become protocols open to all where ownership of digital assets is standard.

Decentraland is also home to big brands like Samsung, Nike and Coca-Cola. The platform also recently hosted Metaverse Fashion Week, where luxury fashion houses, including Dolce & Gabbana, held fashion shows to showcase their latest designs.

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