Crypto: Oasis (ROSE) improves thanks to NFTs

Blockchain users are always looking for new features. The NFT precisely allow users to open up to different uses of tokens digital. To enable them to take advantage of technological innovations, Oasis Network established NFT confidential.

Confidential NFT

Confidential NFTs: What Are We Talking About?

Oasis features confidential NFTs similar to regular NFTs in terms of how they work. According to the site, their specificities lie in the fact that they are based on strictly private data. Nobody can access it, not even those who control the network.

NFTs run on Parcel, Oasis’ privacy technology. They allow developers to configure NFTs that contain data that is only accessible under specific conditions. In fact, Parcel does not only hold the access rights to the data saved on the NFTs. This technology also offers developers several possibilities.

In which case is it interesting to use the confidential NFTs of the Oasis project?

Thanks to confidential NFTs, a developer can, for example, protect the licenses of his software. They can in fact be transmitted in the form of confidential NFTs. In this case, the license will only be accessible to the NFT holder. This is an effective way to prevent copying or creating a fake license. This process facilitates access to the software at the same time, protecting it.

These NFTs pay attention to privacy and also allow companies to optimize the control of access to their private data. The goal is to prevent data leaks. Only the NFT holder receives the specific information and its functionalities.

In the context of a particular use, confidential NFTs also offer numerous advantages. In particular, they allow you to offer access cards to direct webinars. This use of NFT prevents the participation of fake accounts. This also reduces the risk of hacking as the organizer will be able to verify each attendee’s account.

By the way, you can use confidential NFTs for premium membership on streaming platforms (like Netflix and Prime Video). Access to the content will in fact be controlled. It will also benefit from optimal protection, as well as user data.


NFT of Oasis help to ensure privacy and broaden the horizons of users. The most important there remains the possibility of optimizing security by prohibiting to non-owners access certain information. Everyone can now benefit from this increased security.

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