Blockchain: Highly anticipated, the Evmos project will finally be unveiled

After years of work, the project is finally available. Evmos, formerly known as Ethermint, will finally be introduced to the delight of Cosmos network users. This was the announcement made by the team of developers last Wednesday. What does this launch mean?

A peculiarity that will seduce

Now blockchain developers and users will have the ability to access Cosmos Layer 1, an interoperability protocol whose ecosystem contains more than 250 applications and services. Specifically, according to the information provided, Evmos will allow users to do so take full advantage of smart contracts as well as the resources that use Ethereum, while remaining within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Unlike other blockchains, Evmos has the distinction of being fully compatible with Ethereum virtual machine, a computing environment used by developers on the Ethereum blockchain. With this feature, the developer team hopes that Evmos will become more successful and more attractive to investors in the coming years.

It should be noted that over the past year EVM has become the most widely adopted standard for smart contracts and is now found in a number of blockchains seeking to replicate the success of Ethereum. These include Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom and Moonbeam.

Evmos will grow further

In order for Evmos to be a total success, the developers want to proceed strategically. First, they want strengthen interoperability with ETH using gateways. Currently, the team is working on the design of bridge applications including Connext, Celer, Nomad and others. The goal is for token transfers to happen more easily between two chains.

“Thanks to these gateways, cryptocurrency users will be able to transfer their assets to Evmos and use them on Evmos applications”, said Federico Kunze Küllmer, co-founder of Evmos and CEO of Tharsis.

Furthermore, according to information provided by the team, Evmos is expected to grow significantly within the Cosmos ecosystem. In fact, thanks to a protocol known as Inter-Blockchain Communication, Evmos will be able to do so share digital data and resources with other channels which are compatible with the Cosmos network.

Evmos could become one of the largest and most successful networks in recent years. In fact, the various developer teams working on its design and update are working hard to make it even more practical.

Source: The block

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