Coca-Cola enters the NFTs

The Polygon ecosystem continues its momentum. After the tantalizing news related to Disney for the Polygon blockchain, the partnerships multiply through the launch of an NFT collection with the Coca-cola Company, in collaboration with Polygon Studios.

A big announcement for Polygon as well as for the crypto sphere, which could perhaps give new impetus to cryptocurrencies and the NFT market, which has been rather sluggish in recent months.

At the same time, Coca-Cola continues its momentum to confirm its presence in the metaverse with the launch of its first NFT collection, in honor of International Friendship Day. In this sense, a press release full of enthusiasm for virtual worlds was published by the North American brand:

“Coca-cola is one of the most collectible brands in the world and has been sharing its legacy with consumers for decades through simple moments of joy”

Selman Careaga, President of Global Coca-Cola Trademark

“We are excited to share our first NFTs with the metaverse, where new friendships form new habits in new worlds. […]. Each NFT was created to celebrate the elements that underpin the Coca-Cola brand, reinterpreted for a virtual world in new and exciting ways. ”

Selman Careaga, President of Global Coca-Cola Trademark

The first NFTs of this Coca-Cola collection will take up and reinvent certain company emblems by integrating the resources or attributes of the metaverse: dynamic and multisensory movements such as the Friendship Box, the Coca-Cola bubble jacket, the Sound Visualizer or even the paper friendship that updates the elements of the period.

This strategy initiated by Coca-Cola aims to give greater visibility to the brand in virtual worlds, to be in line with new trends and thus follow in the footsteps of many big brands before.

“The borderless metaverse creates opportunities to connect with others like never before”

Josh Schwarber, Senior Director of Coca-Cola’s Global Digital Design.

The launch will therefore take place on the Polygon blockchain, which was delighted to make the announcement this weekend, while Coca-Cola had already anticipated the launch of this collection towards the end of July.

Source: Twitter

The NFTs launched by the brand have a particularity, because unlike other tokens, they can be shared between individuals. To use the words provided by the brand, NFTs have this distinction to promote sharing and preserve the very essence of the brand and its desire to come together and share around the world. NFTs are even revealed to their owner only when shared with a friend.

The collection was made by Tafi, an avatar creation company and has already aired on July 30th. Currently, the beverage brand wants to create more than 4,000 NFTs with progressive distribution, mostly through some events that mark the year, such as Halloween.

For the moment, even if the Polygon ecosystem continues to “build”, the price of the token is slightly increasing despite the announcement, in green like most cryptocurrencies since the opening of the various markets.


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