NFTs arrive on Instagram in a hundred countries (but not in France)

NFTs arrive on Instagram, a hundred countries are interested (but not in Europe). A web3 that continues to interest the giants of technology.

A little over a month has passed since then Half has unveiled its intention to implement non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Facebook. Today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that users from over 100 countries can show their NFTs to the world on Instagram.

NFTs are coming to Instagram

Since last May only a few American users have had the opportunity to take advantage of this option, a very limited test carried out by the platform. Now, businesses and users in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas can also benefit. Europe will therefore have to wait a little longer.

According to Meta’s tweet announcing the news, Coinbase and Dapper wallets should be supported, as well as NFT blockchain Flow. In other words, for the moment, they concern, in addition to the first two wallets, the Rainbow, MetaMask and Trust Wallet wallets.

One hundred countries concerned (but not in Europe)

To take advantage of this feature, nothing more. Users wishing to view an NFT on the network must connect their wallet to prove that they own that NFT. This will contain various authentication information, including the name of its creator. Of note, Meta has made it clear that she will invest even more in renewable energy to offset emissions related to NFTs and blockchain technology.

A web3 that continues to interest the giants of technology

Meta is not the only company to launch into web3, for itself and for its users. Twitter has long allowed NFTs to be displayed as a profile picture, with a visible certification in the form of a hexagon, giving access to NFT metadata. YouTube, on the other hand, is more careful not to alienate its community. Recently, it announced that content creators will soon be able to sell their videos as NFTs. Finally, Reddit recently announced the launch of a market place dedicated to NFTs through the Polygon (MATIC) sidechain.

If the web3 is certainly very promising, the ongoing initiatives of the various platforms are not all clear successes. Meta’s Reality Labs subsidiary, for example, reported a loss of nearly $ 3 billion in the last quarter. And for Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum (ETH), “everything that Facebook would create at this stage would be doomed” …

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