The 3 best Metaverse cryptocurrency options deserve your attention

Metaverse has become one of the most popular innovations in many areas related to digital assets and virtual reality. While there is still no generally accepted definition of what can be called a metaverse, the possibilities of investing in metaverse assets are already attracting many investors. In this article, we will explain what a metaverse is and tell you about the 3 best coins to invest in.

Metaverses and their parts

The term “metaverse” is relatively new, and while it may not yet be familiar, the concept is quite simple: a metaverse is an online platform that aims to cover most of the social and financial interactions between its users. Basically, any major service can be called a metaverse, including Facebook, WeChat, or even League of Legends. However, this definition is often limited to only including projects with virtual reality capabilities and digital properties.

Many metaverses have their own native coins which can be used in much the same way as traditional cryptocurrencies. In addition, most metaverses allow you to use common cryptocurrencies in some way – for example, Decentraland allows you to rent virtual land for ETH. However, today we will focus on native metaverse cryptocurrency options. With metaverses ever growing, a small investment in one of their tokens can earn you a fortune. Let’s take a look at the most promising projects.


Decentralized (MANA)

This metaverse is one of the official Meta platforms, a virtual world where you can buy land and buildings, including showrooms, galleries, shops, etc. These assets are NFTs that can only be purchased with MANA, the project’s native currency. The coin has grown steadily over the past year and its market cap is now around $ 1.5 billion. MANA’s price has been pretty low lately, so now may be the perfect time to buy.

Main road (HIGH)

Highstreet is a digital marketplace powered by its own token named HIGH. This project allows you to trade anything from land and virtual goods like NFTs to real products and services. The platform itself is a P2E MMORPG that supports VR headsets, so you are literally playing with missions, events and everything in between while trading and earning. Highstreet is much smaller than Decentraland, but its market cap is already around $ 15 million and continues to grow.

The sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is another Meta Platforms project. It is the second oldest metaverse and one of the best known, but it looks and works like Decentraland, allowing you to buy, sell and lend virtual land. The native token here is SAND, with a market cap of $ 1.4 billion.

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