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Singapore, August 9, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Connection over Web3 event, hosted by BitDATA Exchange on July 29, 2022, concluded with the first-of-its-kind networking cocktail conference to attract the world’s best Blockchain developers, investors and enthusiasts in a relaxed environment, inside the Arctium Crypto Club of Singapore. The event received an overwhelming response from the public, with over 100 registrations for the event in less than a day.

The conference succeeded in bringing together a mix of professionals eager to explore and research the possibilities of Web3. BitDATA Exchange had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Yu Jianing, President of Huobi University, and Professor Yan Li, Senior Lecturer of Nanyang Business School (NTU), to share the evolutions of Web3, namely NFT, Metaverse, Blockchain, etc. .

The keynote presentation introduced Wang Weibo, a well-known security researcher from Web3 security company, Numen Cyber ​​Technology, who introduced global security trends, latest attack methods, and corresponding security solutions in various Web application scenarios 3.


Despite the effects of the recent cryptocurrency market crisis, the panel of industry professionals provided a cautiously optimistic assessment of Web3’s revolution and potential. The discussion was moderated by Ming Yue Shao, senior host of the financial program and producer of the column on decryption technology.

The panel was made up of professionals from various niches: Ken Wong, CEO and Founder of BitDATA Exchange; Wang Hao, CEO of IDEG; Eric Chen Han, Solutions Architect and Cloud Expert of Huawei Cloud; Dr. Yu Jianing, Huoda Education Director, Blockchain and Web3 Expert.

“The purpose of this networking cocktail is to present a Web3 ecosystem where services from different niches can be used interchangeably to create an online experience and this is where we connect the dots,” concluded Ken Wong.

Singapore remains committed to remaining open to trade, investment, talent and ideas from around the world. Arctium Crypto Club exemplifies this dedication to transparency and sees in Web3 a way to connect industry experts from different fields.

Recently, BitDATA Exchange hosted a webinar for members of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) and it wasn’t the first time they have received active participation and positive feedback from attendees.

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Arctium Crypto Club it’s about bringing together Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts and connecting with some of the best and brightest in the industry. The club invites members to participate in these fascinating monthly discussions and be exposed to an exclusive network.


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