Bernard Hinault is riding the NFT market

Greg Podevin known as “Greg”, sports illustrator, has decided to represent the great victories of the “Tasso” at the Tour de France, in the form of non-fungible tokens.

Will Bernard Hinault be able to sell his NFTs like on a bicycle? The cyclist with 216 victories celebrates his 5 victories in the Tour de France (1978, 79, 81, 82 and 85). Five types of NFTs, related to each yellow jersey, are offered for sale on OpenSea. “The idea was to create a coherent collection around Bernard’s best hits, hence his Tour victories“Says Greg Potevin, illustrator and friend of the cyclist, who produced these digital works. Prices range from 500 to 5,000 euros, “We want everyone to have access to it, not just large portfolios or investors“. 1% of the winnings will be donated to the association for the fight against cancer Souffles d’Espoir.

The illustrator “Gregis known for his works on the great champions of sport, in particular frescoes for PSG, for Lacoste with Roland-Garros, or for the French team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. “Bernard Hinault was not familiar with the concept of NFT at all“, tells”Greg“.”I spent a lot of time explaining it to him and he was hooked. It will allow him to expand his fan community through digital. It is also an opportunity to bequeath an artistic heritage that is part of time“.

According to the chart, buying these NFTs is a way for fans to take ownership of the cyclist’s victories. “Bernard has too many victories to represent them in full. So we opted for a single theme to create a small collection.They are rare digital items with a financial value that can increase later.

Winning fans internationally

Bernard Hinault often has the opportunity to meet those who support him, whether at signings or when participating or in the Tour de France»Explains the illustrator. “This is the opportunity to reach fans in a different way, but unfortunately the NFT market is not yet as popular in France“. Greg Podevin therefore wishes to reach an audience outside of France.”Bernard Hinault has supporters everywhere, that’s great! Even in Japan or China, people want to meet him. Anglo-Saxons are big fans too, but they don’t necessarily get to see it. We want to offer them a way to deal with it“.

The purchase of some NFTs, in fact, offers some additional rewards, such as autographs, lithographs or the possibility of exchanging with the sample from a distance, via Zoom. Highlight with a unique NFT, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1982 victory. This is sold at auction, with a starting price of 5,000 euros (about 3 Ethereum). It is animated and contains an exclusive interview with the runner that traces the moment of his arrival. The buyer will be able to enjoy a lunch with the sportsman and an afternoon on a bicycle with him.

However, the difficulty remains the generation gap. “We know this proposal will not have immediate success.“, He concludes”Greg“.”NFTs take time to get caught in France and for us the collection will run out over time. Also, my friend doesn’t have social networks, which complicates communication to popularize the project, especially around his first hour as a fan. But we will take the time to leave the offer available until sold out“.

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